Body and Soul (part 8)  

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7/18/2006 8:55 am
Body and Soul (part 8)

There was complete silence as Dan watched the blonde haired woman walk down the stairs and out of sight. The words she had spoken to him were still ringing in his head.

'I will go this time, Dan.'

How had this woman, who was dressed like a prostitute, known who he really was? Was she in league with the strange man who had hypnotised Dan the previous day? Perhaps she was the devil, he was probably able to alter his appearance. She turned back to Simon, it just made it more imperative for Dan to carry out the rest of his plan.

He walked over to the desk while Simon hastily pulled his track- suit bottoms back up. "I've never seen her before, honest." He pleaded.

"And that is supposed to make me feel better, is it?" Dan said archly. "That you're having sex with someone you don't even know?" He pulled out the enlargements of the photos he had taken and spread them on the desk.

Simon's eyes bulged when he saw the photographs. Having Linda tell everyone she had seen him in panties and suspenders was bad enough. But documentary evidence would make him a laughing stock. His wife had taken these while he was asleep, but several of the photos made it look like he was posing. He looked up at Alison's stern face and asked, "Why?"

"I did it because you are going off the deep end. Now I want to save our marriage before it completely falls apart. To do that you have to cut back on your drinking, gambling and womanising. I've tried everything else and this seems the only way to get a grip on you."

"Look, Alison. This is my life. I have more than enough money for my card games with plenty left over to keep you in the good life."

"You getting worse, I don't want to lose you Simon. I love you." Dan found those words very hard to say to a man, but they seemed to do the trick. Simon still cared for Alison.

"Okay, you have a deal. I know I've been a bastard lately. Will you forgive me." He held out his arms and Dan walked round and held Simon to his breast. Simon put his arms around Dan's waist and hugged him.

Dan felt a little distaste, but the feeling of Simon's head against his bosom didn't feel that bad. In fact he felt slightly maternal as Simon's head rested against his breasts. For the first time since waking up as a woman, he felt some degree of control. He didn't trust Simon for a second though, in his place Dan would have just become more careful to avoid detection. But now he had a lever to work Simon back on to the right path.

In the street outside two figures sat in a limousine. One of them remarked in a cultured English accent. "It looks like you will have to try again. Dan Sandford seems more resilient than I expected."

The other figure flinched slightly, she would have to go through that again? It was so degrading.

As if the he had heard her thoughts the man said. "You may find it degrading, my dear. But it is the price you agreed to pay for your youth. If you do not want to end up old and diseased again, you will do as I say. Now go and prepare. Remember what I promised you if you can deliver both Simon AND Dan to me."

She remembered alright. Her only hope in the abyss she was currently in. Samantha nodded and quickly got out of the limousine, which promptly faded from sight.

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