Body and Soul (part 2)  

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7/18/2006 5:36 am
Body and Soul (part 2)

When the timeless moment passed they were standing on a featureless white plain. Dan looked around him. "Is this Heaven?"

The angel smiled. "No, a waiting area if you like. My boss will be along soon and he'll take you through admission. Ah, here he is now."

A man was striding across the plain towards them, he looked to be about sixty and was dressed in a dark suit also. "Jothan! What have you done now!" He said sharply to the younger angel.

Jothan looked nervous, "I've brought Mr Sandford in, sir."

The older angel held out his hand and a book appeared in it, Dan was disturbed to note that it had his name on it in large letters. The angel flipped to the last page and examined it. After several minutes he looked up at Jothan, "do you realise Mr Sandford had about a thirty percent chance of surviving his injuries."

"Thirty percent? But I was certain he had no chance and I didn't want him to suffer anymore."

The older angel sighed, "Jothan, you must wait until there is absolutely no hope before removing the soul, despite any suffering it might cause."

Dan had been watching the exchange still very disorientated by recent events. "Are you telling me I should still be alive? You've got to put me back now!"

"I'm sorry Mr Sandford, your body has already ceased to live, we can't put you back." The angel though for a moment, "but there may be a way of returning to Earth."

"Yes!" said Dan.

"If you would do a little job for us, we can put you into the body of someone about to die. You could carry on their life."

"I'll do it." said Dan excitedly. He might not get his body back, but at least he'd have another stab at life.

"Very well, I must clear some of the details with my superiors. I'll return in a moment." Both he and Jothan abruptly vanished.

Dan sighed and sat down on the white floor. This could all be a drink induced dream, he thought. But I might as well play along. Funny, I'm totally sober now. When did that happen?

A short while later the older angel returned and motioned Dan to follow him. "What we would like you to do is to reform the character of someone on Earth. If we don't help we will lose him to the Other Place. Your job will be to get him to voluntarily change his attitude. It will not be easy, some say it is not possible. But where there's life there's hope."

They came to a glowing portal and the angel walked through it, Dan quickly followed, not wanting to lose him.

They were in a hallway of a very impressive house. The owners had to be worth millions. "Nice place," said Dan.

"If you like that sort of thing," replied the angel. He walked to the stairs, "this way."

As they reached the top floor they heard raised voices coming from one of the bedrooms. "He's in there?" whispered Dan.

"Yes, there is no need to whisper, they cannot see or hear us." He turned and walked through the door.

Dan shrugged and followed him, he flowed through the door like it wasn't there. Inside two people, obviously husband and wife were in the middle of a furious argument.

"If I want to have a drink with the guys," he was bellowing. "I will!" He was tanned and fairly muscular with blond hair.

"You didn't even come home last night!" She retorted hotly. From there the arguing descended into name-calling. Both she and her husband were dressed for bed and to Dan's mind she looked gorgeous. She had a slim, curvy figure with breasts that were generous without being too large. She had dark hair hanging free down to her waist and her face despite being twisted with anger was obviously very beautiful. Dan noticed that his body was not reacting to her beauty as it normally would. One consequence of being dead he supposed.

The angel gestured to him, "lets go next door, so we can talk."

They walked down the hall to a spare bedroom. Even there they could hear the couple shouting. "Are they always like this?" asked Dan.

"It's been getting worse for some while, Simon Mitchell came into a fair sum of money and he seems determined to booze and gamble till he drops. He's at the top of a slippery slope, if he isn't helped now he will steadily get worse. He has already threatened Allison with violence, at this rate it would not have been long before he actually started to beat her."

"Can't you do something." Dan asked.

"No, we are not allowed to interfere. However, your problem gives us a chance to help Simon Mitchell pull out of his nose-dive. Allison has a undiagnosed brain clot and will pass on to the next world tonight."

Dan was aghast, "You're going to let her die!"

"This is the hardest part of our job, I like it even less than you. But she will be going up, not down. However, without Allison, Simon will go into a nose-dive to self-destruction. We can't do anything, but you can. We can repair the damage to Allison's body and then your soul can occupy it. Then you can start your job to save him."

"Wait a minute," said Dan. "You want me to take over a woman's body! I can't do that, I'm a man."

The angel smiled, "At the moment you are a disembodied soul, there are no male or female souls. Just souls. There are very few opportunities to return to life, this is the best offer we can make."

Dan thought about it for a moment, true it was a female body. But he had already noticed how detached he was from reality, looking at Allison's body should have caused his body to react, but in his dead state he felt nothing. "Well I'm not sure," he told the angel. "Simon will know I'm not Allison almost immediately. I don't have any of her memories."

"You will be able to draw some information from her brain, just direct a question to yourself and most times you'll be able to get the answer. You won't have full access to her memories, but you will get most of the vital information. Who are Allison's parents, where she went on honeymoon, that sort of thing."

Dan considered the options, he was still half convinced this was some drink induced nightmare. But he knew that he had little real choice, if he wanted to return to life it would be in Allison's body. I could always dump Simon and move in with a lesbian, he thought. "I'm going to regret this, but okay."

The angel nodded, "please wait here, Jothan will bring you along when it is time." Then he was gone.

Dan sat in the dark for several hours. As the time passed he mulled over his decision, could he really do this? Give up his male form and occupy the rather spectacular body of a woman. He felt his crotch and wondered what it would be like to have just a feminine slit between his thighs. Well I'll soon find out. The thought gave him a shiver down his back.

By the time Jothan came for him he was beginning to think he had been forgotten. Jothan took him back down to the bedroom where the elder angel waited for them.

The room was in darkness, but somehow Dan could see clearly. As he watched the angel drew Allison's soul from her body. Jothan concentrated on the body repairing the damage, finally he turned to the other angel nodded.

"It's all ready for you, Mr Sandford." said the older angel holding Allison's soul carefully between his hands.

Dan leaned over her sleeping form. In sleep her face was one of beauty and he found it impossible to believe it would soon be his. He looked back at the angels. "Okay, umm... how do I get in?"

"Just lie on the bed in the same position as the body and you will join with it."

Dan climbed onto the bed and laid down in the body, there was a moment of disorientation. Then, he could feel a solid body around him again, but it felt so strange. He felt a weight on his chest and a strangeness between his legs. He shifted his new body feeling the silk garment he was wearing.

A voice sounded in his head, "It worked Mr Sandford. Or should I say Mrs Mitchell. Sleep now, you have a long day ahead of you."

Dan felt himself become incredibly drowsy and soon he was asleep.

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