Body and Soul (part 18)  

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7/20/2006 6:53 am
Body and Soul (part 18)

It wasn't until the evening of the next day that Simon returned home.

Dan had changed into a more conservative dark blouse and jeans and had waited more and more anxiously through the night and into the next day for Simon's return. Several times Dan had severe attacks of nerves, everything depended on how he handled the situation.

The car's engine woke Dan up as Simon pulled up to the house. Looking out of the window he could see Simon's prize possession had picked up a huge dent down one side. Simon himself was a bit more steadier than Dan had expected.

The moments before Simon opened the front door were among the longest in Dan's life. Finally the door swung open and their eyes locked together. Dan could see the defences go up behind Simon's eyes.

Dan was the first to break the silence. "We need to talk."

"How much of it was real?" Asked Simon.

"Most of it, but let me tell my side of the story."

Simon shook his head. "I need a drink."

"You've had enough to drink, could you just lay off it until we've talked." Dan said desperately.

"Who do you think are? My fucking wife?" With that he elbowed past Dan and went into the dining room. He was pouring himself a vodka as Dan followed him in. Finally he settled into a seat, "Okay, who the hell are you then?"

Dan took a deep breath. "It started nearly a week ago when I crashed my car after drinking too much."

Simon had a pale, horrified look on his face as Dan told his story. Dan left nothing out, not even how the Devil hypnotised him into seducing a workman. He still found the incident highly embarrassing but he had to impress on Simon what the Devil was capable of. "The only reason we have a chance of beating him is because he won't dare push Heaven too much. I know you won't trust me, because I'm a complete stranger. But there is one person who can convince you. Alison."

"But you said she was dead!"

"Her soul is waiting to meet you, at a church in town."

Simon tossed back the last of his drink and stood up. "Alright, I'll go along with this. But if you're lying I'll kill you. When do we have to go?."

Dan shrugged. "No time like the present."

Dan insisted they take Alison's pink car and that he drove. Simon was probably way over the limit.

Simon broke the silence as they made their way to the church. "So are you gay then?"

"No I am not!" Dan retorted more sharply than he had intended. "Apparently my soul is adapting to my new body."

"In under a week? Sounds a little unlikely to me."

Dan bit off an angry reply. He turned the corner and parked the car opposite the church. "Oh hell."

"What is it?"

"We have company."

Simon turned to see what Dan was looking at. By the main pathway to the church stood a familiar tall, gaunt figure.

"Come on, if we can get past him we're safe."

Dan scampered out of the car and tried to keep himself between Simon and the Devil. The tall man made no effort to stop them, only speaking after Dan and Simon had passed him. "They cannot help you Simon, I can. I can give you Alison, identical in every way and thought to the original."

Simon turned back to face him, "But it won't BE her, will it?"

"You'll be totally unable to tell the difference. Consider my offer, it is far better than anything they can offer you."

Dan tugged on Simon's arm and together they entered the safety of the church. Simon looked around the modern church, it was empty except for a fairly nondescript man and a familiar buxom blonde. "You two were in this together weren't you?"

"Hardly," replied Dan. "I only helped her after I found out she had made a deal with the Devil as well."

"Worst mistake I ever made." Added Samantha.

Dan moved next to the man, "This is Jothan. He may not look it, but he's an angel."

"An angel?" replied Simon in an incredulous voice.

"Yeah, he pulled me from the car wreck in my last life."

"Where is my wife? You said she'd be here." Said Simon.

Jothan moved forward, "She is right here. Look." He opened his hand palm upwards. A small gold ball moved upwards and floated clear. With every passing second it grew bigger and brighter. It started to elongate and take on a definite human shape.

Simon watched as the shape became that of his wife wrapped in a bright golden glow that somehow didn't blind him. "Alison?"

She smiled and held out her hands. Simon hesitantly reached up and grasped them in his own. He could feel a presence, warm and comforting, entering his mind. Alison's voice filtered through his mind, "I missed you so much."

Tears rolled down Simon's face as he and Alison held each other in an embrace far more intimate than he had ever thought possible. Their minds were fully open to each other. Simon knew without a doubt that this was his wife; Dan was an obvious fake in comparison.

He could feel Alison's sorrow as she discovered what had happened to him over the last couple of days. "You must not give up, you owe me that. Stay with Dan, she can help you recover."

"I can't do that." Simon replied silently. "It wouldn't be right."

"Simon, I want what is best for you. I've passed on to the next world and you must get on with your life. I'll keep watch over you. Enjoy life, live it to the full. Don't hide in the bottle. When your time comes, years from now, I'll be here waiting for you. Remember that I love more than anything in the universe."

With that she drew away from Simon and drifted higher into a warm white light and was gone. "I love you too, Alison." He said quietly through the tears.

Several feet behind him Samantha turned to Dan. "Now I have seen everything."

"Yeah." Replied an awe-struck Dan, surprised to find a lump in his throat. He started forward and edged round in front of Simon. "Are you okay?" He asked hesitantly.

"I'll be fine in a minute."

"Look, when we get back to the house. I'll pack a few clothes and move out."

Simon looked puzzled. "Why?"

"What do you mean 'Why'. I'm a man walking around in your wife's body. I thought you prefer it if I wasn't around."

"Alison said you can help me get back on my feet. And you seem to have a head for business. We'll work something out."

The older angel moved forward. "We cannot demand things of you, we cannot tell you what path to take. But you can now see the choices clearly in front of you. I pray you will make the right decision." He turned to Jothan. "Come, we must go now."

"Hey wait!" Said Samantha in an alarmed voice. "You can't just go. The Devil is camped outside the church!"

"The only way He can take your soul is if you give it to him willingly. Dan made a rash gamble with the Evil One that appears to have paid off." He turned his gaze to Dan. "Though I wouldn't make a habit of it."

"You mean he'll let me go?" Samantha said in disbelief.

"He has no choice. Now we must go. Goodbye and good luck." Quickly, both he and Jothan faded from view.

"Come on, let's go home." Said Simon. "Do you want to come as well, Samantha?"

"Well, I don't know." She thought about it. "What the hell, I was starting to go stir crazy in here anyway."

The Devil was still standing there in the twilight. Like he hadn't moved since Dan and Simon had gone in. His eyes were glowing an infernal red. "So Simon Mitchell, have you made your mind up yet?"

"I have. Thanks, but no thanks." Replied Simon as cool as he possibly could. "No copy could replace my Alison."

"Your wife is dead, gone from you forever. Only I can bring her back." Dan could see the anger building in the gaunt man.

"You're wrong. She's right here." He place his hand over his heart. "Now if you excuse me, we're all going home."

"Very well, but the blonde bitch is mine!"

Dan stepped in front of Samantha. "Not anymore. The deal was if Dan chooses to stay with me before the end of the week, you'd leave us alone. Well he's chosen and you cannot interfere in our lives from now onwards."

The Devil was still for several long seconds, then he seemed to explode into a huge terrifying creature. Fifteen foot tall and blood red. "Fuck the rules! You are all mine! And I'm taking you down to Hell. Where you'll all receive my personal attention."

"I don't think so." Said Samantha. Then she held out her fist with her middle finger raised. "Swivel on it."

The Devil bellowed his rage and lightening crashed across the sky. But he did nothing to stop the trio as they climbed into the car and sped away into the night.

Samantha sat shivering on the back seat. "I can't believe I just did that." She exclaimed

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