Body and Soul (part 14)  

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7/20/2006 6:48 am
Body and Soul (part 14)

You've got the hang of it. Not much different from shaving your face, is it?"

"I suppose so," said Simon. "It still feels really weird to be doing this." Carefully, he finished shaving his legs and then wiped them dry.

"You've got really nice legs, very shapely." Complemented Dan. "I've picked out a nice dress that should fit you."

"A dress?"

"Yeah, come on. It's just us and we both enjoy it."

Neither of them had mentioned the photographs all evening and Simon couldn't deny he found the idea kinky. He was still in a state of constant amazement at his wife, who had never shown any sign of thinking things like this till a few days before.

Simon rose stiffly to his feet. The corset helped him attain a more feminine figure, but it really restricted his movement. He found that he could only take shallow breaths, his wife had been amused when he had been turned on by the tightness of the corset.

Dan took Simon's hand and led him back to the bedroom. A part of Dan was a bit dubious about the path he was leading Simon down. But in general he had decided that if he now had to wear women's clothes so should Simon. Dan hadn't encountered as much resistance as he had expected and Simon was only putting up token objections. In some way Dan considered Simon to be female when he was dressed in female clothes. Despite the muscular frame, he was far less threatening to Dan. Dan could pretend that Simon was a woman and that made making love to him acceptable. And he was cute in a black corset.

Dan helped Simon into the dress, it was a loose dark blue creation. The hem came to just above Simon's stockinged knees. It just fitted him. He was unable to connect the figure in the mirror with himself. He was tall for a woman, but the corset had made his body take on a surprisingly feminine outline. His bust was generous, carefully padded out with cotton wool by Dan.

And on top of it all was his head. Even the make up that Dan had liberally applied did little to disguise his gender and identity.

Dan saw where Simon was looking. "I'll get you a good wig soon, then you'll be absolutely beautiful."

Simon turned back and was about to remove his outfit when he saw the look on Dan's face. It was one of undisguised lust. Dan shrugged off his dressing gown and stood naked in front of Simon. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Simon's corseted frame. "I want to fuck you so badly, Simone." Dan whispered.

Simon was lost by now and had his own arms around Dan, caressing his back down to his soft ass. Dan reached up, yearning for a kiss that Simon was happy to give. Slowly they manoeuvred themselves to the bed stroking each other as they went. Simon was about to lower Dan to the bed when he felt him resist. "You first, Simone." He said.

Simon climbed onto the bed, carefully arranging his skirts. Dan joined him almost immediately and quickly rolled on top of him. The first time he had willingly made love as a woman he had submitted to Simon's control utterly. Now, Dan was determined to show Simon how erotic that sensation could be. He ran his hands in strong caresses over Simon's body. Dan kissed him strongly, pushing his tongue deep into Simon's mouth.

Simon wrapped his arms around Dan. One hand rubbing Dan's back, the other sliding over his ass and between his legs to touch his aroused pussy. Dan jumped as Simon's fingers slid partly into his slippery vagina. Dan felt an intense need to be filled up at that point, but fought it down. He pushed Simon's hands away, "Just relax. I'll do all the work."

Dan slid down a bit and ran his hand up underneath Simon's dress. He quickly found Simon's erection straining the skimpy lace panties to the limit. Dan pulled Simon's panties down just enough to allow his cock to spring free.

Simon closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feeling of his wife gently rubbing his cock. He felt the dress being lifted to expose his erection. He felt his legs being forced apart by his wife's knees, he realised Alison wanted him to spread his legs like a woman.

Dan had to spread his own legs slightly to get Simon's cock into his pussy. But the important thing was that Simon was in the classic female missionary position. Dan positioned himself and very slowly sank onto Simon's hard length. His cock glided smoothly into Dan like a hot knife into butter.

Their pelvises met and Dan luxuriated in the sensation of being completely filled by his lover. It felt so good, so right. He put a hand on one of Simon's cotton filled breasts and massaged it as if it was the real thing. Then he pulled back and slowly started to thrust against Simon.

For Simon it felt so different than usual. Normally with him and Alison she was content to let him take the dominant role, dictating the pace and content of their lovemaking. This new Alison seemed determined to take the lead in everything. Simon had put this down to Dan trying to revitalise their marriage. He decided with a smile that it was working. Alison's thrusting was still excruciatingly slow, Simon could hear her emit little gasps of pleasure each time she sank down on his cock. She might be enjoying herself, but the tension in Simon was unbearable. When was she going to think of what he wanted?

He needed a way to speed Alison up. She wouldn't let him use his hands so that left his legs. Of course, he realised with a smile, that was it. Simon wrapped his legs around Alison's slim waist and pulled her down harder and faster with each thrust.

Dan felt the strong legs wrap themselves around him. He had wondered how long it would take for Simon to think of that. Now it almost felt like old times. He was between the legs of his lover, he remembered how it felt to plunge a hard cock into the warm wetness of a pussy. Now the pussy was his.

He was quickly building to a climax and he moved quicker. Then the orgasm hit him again, rushing through his entire body. Every sensation he felt only heightened his passion. As a man his orgasms were centered around his cock, but as a woman he came with his whole body.

Simon was close to orgasm and couldn't wait any longer. He rolled both of them over to the other side of the bed so he was now on top. He quickly re-established the rhythm. Dan luxuriated in the warm afterglow of his orgasm as Simon pounded into him. He could even feel himself building to another orgasm. Simon reached his orgasm slightly before Dan and with a loud moan he pumped his cum up towards Dan's womb. As he felt Simon climaxing Dan had another orgasm of his own. He wrapped his arms around Simon and nearly shrieked his delight as ecstasy wracked his body.

As they lay together in each others arms Dan had a little worried thought about contraception. In the few days since becoming a woman he had made love three times with two different men. He was going to have a difficult time as it was learning how to be a woman and a wife without the added problem of pregnancy. In future he was going to have to make sure Simon used the condoms that Alison's memory told him were in a bedside cupboard.

The image of a condom covered cock gave Dan an idea. He had never done anything like it before, but it seemed like fun. He started turning round in bed.

"Where are you going?" Asked Simon.

"Not far." Dan replied cryptically. He kneeled on the bed turned around and laid down again. His feet were now right next to Simon's face. Dan pulled up the hem of the dress, it was going to need a good wash and even then it might be ruined. Never mind, it was worth it. Dan pulled the panties down and off Simon's silky smooth legs before returning his attention to his crotch. He gave a sly seductive glance to Simon before setting himself to the task of reviving Dan's member.

Hesitantly, Dan took the semi-erect cock into his mouth and gently sucked it. He could taste the salty taste of Simon's cum mixed in with his own juices as he did so. It quickly responded to his inexperienced attentions. Dan was surprised by how quickly it grew and how big it got. He had never been this close to a man's cock before.

Gently he pulled the foreskin back and ran his tongue over the head of Simon's penis. He knew from his own experiences how sensitive the head was and he was rewarded by an intake of breath from Simon. He started to move his head up and down the thick stalk, licking the head with every other pass. As he sucked Simon's cock he felt himself becoming aroused again. He marvelled at his new body, two orgasms and still it wanted more.

Dan felt hands grasp his wide hips and then something wet and warm ran up the lips of his pussy. Simon was returning the favor. Dan gave a muffled gasp as Simon reached his clitoris. Faster and faster they rode each other until Simon tensed and pulsed semen into Dan's mouth. Dan swallowed it almost without thinking. It's salty taste only seemed to turn him on more. After his orgasm Simon returned to Dan's excited pussy. Dan was bucking his hips as Simon licked and nipped him to a third orgasm.

Afterwoulds as they drifted off to sleep in each others arms, Dan thought that life as a woman could be fun after all. A future with Simon didn't seem so impossible now and the thought of bearing children at some point gave Dan a not unpleasant sensation.

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