Body and Soul (part 12)  

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7/18/2006 8:59 am
Body and Soul (part 12)

Samantha shivered slightly as she stood on the sidewalk. It was a bright if slightly cold morning. Her small skirt and skimpy top afforded her virtually no protection against the elements. The street was empty except for one man hurrying past on his way to work. "You lookin' for some action, Honey?" She called out as he went by her.

He ignored her and went on his way. Samantha was glad no one had taken up her offers so far. She had little choice in her actions, this was her punishment for messing up the job with Dan and Simon. Her instructions had been to have sex with Dan until Simon came home. The shock of seeing his wife with someone else, even another woman, would probably have finished off the marriage. At least, it would have put it under severe strain. Simon liked to play around but he would have been very angry if he found his wife doing the same. But things had not gone according to plan and Samantha ended up losing control during the loveplay. Dan had gained the upper hand and had got some information out of her before she could get out of there.

Her master had displayed surprisingly little anger, but he had decided she should pay for her mistakes. So here she was now, mentally coerced into playing the role of a hooker. Fortunately early morning seemed to be a bad time for business and no one had picked her up despite her obvious charms.

"A bit early for you to be working, isn't it?" Said a voice behind her.

Samantha turned to see a police car pulled up to the kerb. "Ah, hello officer. Can I help you?"

One of the policeman climbed out of the car, "we've had a few complaints from the residents about you." Samantha wasn't surprised, the area He had her working was fairly well off. "If you move on we'll leave it at that, okay? I can't be bothered to run you in."

Samantha would have been more than happy to obey, if she had been able to. But her master's will made her walk over to the cop. "My legs are very tired from standing here. Could you give me a lift? I'll make it worth your while." She was pleading silently that he would turn her down. But she saw the glint in his eyes and knew he would accept.

He opened the back door of his cab and Samantha climbed in. The other cop was fairly young, probably not long on the streets. The first cop climbed back into the driving seat. "You're in luck kid, she's going to make a man of you. After I've had my go of course."

Samantha wanted to scream and leap out of the car. But all she could do was sit there and smile seductively.

From the back of a nearby limousine the tall figure watched the patrol car pull away. He had expected more of his servant, the quality of hired help wasn't what it once was. He was devoting more time to this than was really necessary. But it was this sort of job that interested him. The souls that were on the edge, that could go either way. These were the ones he worked with. Murderers and went to hell with little or no help from him, they made their own way evil path downwards. The interest for him was in getting souls that would otherwise would have been saved. He had one already, Stuart Bridges or Samantha as she now was. She had believed his story that she was already damned and had agreed to serve him. When she brought Simon to him she would be damning herself for real in the process.

There was one fly in the ointment. Daniel Sandford. He was far more resilient than could be suspected. Every attempt to get him to abandon Simon seemed only to strengthen his resolve to save him. Perhaps it was time to take a personal hand in the matter. This was a risky path, the agreement between Heaven and Hell forbade direct involvement in Earth. But it was clear Samantha was not the tool he had hoped for and he couldn't waste any more resources on this project. Maybe it was time to put away the carrot and use the stick.

The police car had stopped some blocks away in a quiet alley and the two men were turning there attention to Samantha. He reclined in his seat and enjoyed her fear.


Linda thought her boss was slightly subdued as he arrived that morning. Simon greeted his secretary and then went into his office and shut the door. She suspected he was still mad at the way she had reacted the previous day when she saw him in panties and suspenders. He had come up with some lame excuse that his wife must have done it while he was drunk. It had been an odd story and she hadn't been any good at hiding her disbelief.

Inside the office Simon relaxed in his chair. The feminine underwear felt odd to say the least. The panties were far softer and silkier than he was use to but it was the stockings which felt the strangest. He was far more aware of his legs, he heard a swishing sound everytime the thin fabric brushed against his pants. It wasn't uncomfortable, he realised. He was just afraid of what would happen if he was caught a second time in female underwear. He had enjoyed the session with his wife the previous night, part of that had been wearing the strange clothes. Why the hell do they feel good on me? Am I turning gay?

He was tempted to take them off now, but his wife was in a very strange mood of late and could carry out her threat. He shifted in his seat and the feeling of the slippery silk against his cock caused him to grow erect. Simon dropped a hand between his legs and rubbed himself through his pants. I'm not going to get any work done today, he thought.

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