Body and Soul (part 11)  

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Body and Soul (part 11)

Dan snuggled up under the bed covers and watched the sunrise through the window. He had the feeling that some critical point had been passed. Up till now he could kid himself into believing that he was unchanged inside this body of a ravishing woman. Now he had positive proof that this was no longer true. He could hear someone in the bathroom next door washing. It was the sound of his lover from last night.

He had been in a similar situation less than a week before. Then his lover had been a voluptuous Hispanic girl. But then he had been in his original male body, a body he missed dearly. Now his lover was a well muscled man and the night before he and Dan had made passionate love. It had not been the first time he had had sex in his new female body, but it was the first time he hadn't been mentally coerced into it. He hadn't lost control the night before, he had knowingly made love to Simon.

Dan had expected crossing the gender divide would change him, but he never expected his sexuality to alter. He still liked women a lot. But when he watched Simon get up that morning Dan caught himself admiring his firm body. He had been a woman for just over two days, surely he couldn't have changed that much?

Simon would be back soon, time to prepare the next part of his plan. Dan climbed out of bed and looked at himself in the mirror. His babydoll nightdress had been pulled off fairly early on the previous night. He still found it strange to see an erotic woman staring back at him. Her body was made up of sexy curves and her full breasts were full, like heavy fruit. Her long black hair was messed up from the night-long lovemaking. But it only made her look even more sexy. This is me, thought Dan. I'm no longer a him, I'm a her. He rolled the tenses around in his mind. No, not a her, not yet anyway.

He turned to see Simon standing in the doorway, "No need to check, you're more beautiful than ever."

"My hair is a mess."

Simon walked over to Dan. "No, it isn't. It's lovely." He put an arm around him and ran his hand lightly down Dan's spine. Dan could feel the now familiar need growing in him. He IS handsome, he thought.

Slightly reluctantly he pulled away, "you're going to be late for work. I've get your clothes for you." Dan pulled a smart suit out of Simon's wardrobe. Simon was surprised, Alison had never done this for him before. Rather than going to Simon's underwear drawer, Dan started going through the carrier bag of lingerie.

"Oh no, you're joking!" He said.

Dan looked up from his task, brushing a strand of hair out of his eyes. "No, I'm not. It'll keep you from straying and you like wearing it anyway."

"I do not!" Simon declared. "It was you who got me turned on last night. Not the underwear."

"Really? Be truthful, you haven't enjoyed sex that much for years. I'm serious about this, Simone. I do love you, but you'll be after other women again almost immediately. You can't help it, it's in your DNA."

Over the last few days Simon had noticed a change in his wife. Before she would scream and shout at him when she discovered his latest affair. But she would never take such a concerted action to stop him from playing around. In fact they had been drifting apart and he realised now that they were quite far down the road to divorce. But now she suddenly seemed to want the marriage to work. But why choose such a bizarre method? Admittedly, he had had some erotic feelings after been dressed in her lingerie. He had put it down to the strangeness of the situation.

Dan held up some underwear. "How about this?" He was holding a white suspender belt and panties, both covered with lace and frills.

"Alison... please, you don't need to do this. You have the photos, they're enough. I won't play around again."

Dan stood up and started sorting through his stockings for a pair that went with the lingerie. "Sorry, Simon. I don't quite trust you yet. We'll see what the situation is like in a couple of weeks."

A couple of weeks. He could last that long, it was far better than the photos seeing the light of day. He had been asleep after a heavy drinking session, but some of those photos made him look like he was posing. What would people think? He sighed, "alright, for you I'll do it."

"Good!" Dan wrapped the suspender belt around Simon's waist before he could change his mind. Dan showed Simon how to put the white shear stockings without tearing them. Simon was loathed to admit it, but they did feel good against his legs. Dan looked up, "You've got quite nice legs, but they need a shave. We'll do that tonight." Simon knew better than to complain. Last came the silk panties which fitted snugly around his crotch. "You see, you do like lingerie. You getting turned on again!" Dan exclaimed.

Simon refused to comment and climbed into his shirt and pants. He looked in the mirror, trying to see any sign that under his normal male clothes he had panties and suspenders on. He tried to convince himself that he looked just as he normally did. But he certainly didn't feel the same. He put on his shoes and socks and was ready to face the day.

Before he left Dan gave him one final warning. "I'll be along to check on you today, and you had better be wearing your undies. Or there will be trouble." He said it with a humorous tone of voice, but Simon had no doubt he meant it.

Wearing only a pink bathrobe Dan kissed Simon goodbye. After he had gone Dan headed upstairs again. Why had he altered so much so quickly? He had Alison's body and to some extent mind. His soul was the only part of him left from his previous life. Perhaps it was adapting him to his new existence. He still seemed to have all the old feelings and opinions. But on top of that was a new feminine perspective, he was still himself though.

He locked the bathroom door and dropped the bathrobe. He examined himself in the mirror. Dan noticed some stubble under his armpits. He found a ladyshaver plugged into the wall and for the first time in three days he had a shave. Afterwoulds he ran a nice hot bath and climbed in. Now he had to plan his next step, the feminine underwear wouldn't hold Simon for long. Out there somewhere was the devil and his servant, Samantha. What were they planning now?

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