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Have you ever had such an ‘outrageous’ sexual experience; you really did not know what to think; one so the wall...yes, even funny. You were dumbfounded and not sure how to react. OK, This is a true story!!!!

About ten years ago, a group of my friends use to hang-out and party together. One of the guys, I had known for about a year, wanted to hook-up. I was not really attracted to the guy; he was kinda flaky and was real moody; but I figured what the hell. I made it clear that I was not interested in anything permanent or long term. Anyway, a bunch of us ended up at a ‘recreation room’ (at a barracks-one of the guys was in the service) we continued to party and play a few games of pool. The party eventually started to break-up and... ‘the guy’ ask me to hang around a little longer...we played a couple more games of pool...”SO”... one thing lead to another and we end up having sex. It was actually damn exciting...we were in a semi-public venue...anybody could have wondered back in the there I am....bent over the pool table...he’s banging away....I’m getting real close to orgasm...”ALL of the sudden”...he pulls out and literally starts “Whacking” his cock on the rail of the pool table...” I’m dumbfounded”... his shit is hard as a rock and I’m thinking “Shit” the guy is going to hurt himself...but the whole time he is “Whacking” his cock against the table...he is saying how good it feels...and 'you' like fucking me don’t you """but,I'm thinking "gee all was good until""" 'he' is still talking...and I’m going to fuck good....and so on...this happened 'the whacking' two more times during our session...The whole time he was going through his dialog; all I could do was nod my head....I was at a lose for words...I mean...What was I supposed to say...I had never seen anyone do that before...K-rist it sounded like it was was just so outrageous...needless to say...every time he pulled out and would slam his cock against the pool would put a real damper on my own arousal...What a waste, it could of, otherwise been a mutually satisfying experience.

So, unfortunately the only memorable aspect of the evening...was his “shockingly outrageous behavior”...Oh, Well to each his/her own. ***This is of course my opinion...this could be a real turn-on to someone else.***

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