A day of Silence In Memory of My Father  

ohcurious14 60M  
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5/2/2006 1:37 pm

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5/2/2006 8:50 pm

A day of Silence In Memory of My Father

This will be brief and just a short note to say i am taking the day off in memory of my father and Of all things to happen i blew a waterline under kitchen sink this morning. I just hate crowded spaces. Somehow i think this was some kind of sign from my father.Look at picture and you'll understand what i mean.

Sorceror07 55M

5/2/2006 2:23 pm

your father was a plumber? ...or was really into the stooges then... that's one of my fav stooges ones too!

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

ohcurious14 replies on 5/2/2006 4:15 pm:
Hey Andy!!!! No he was just a big fan of the Stooges and i remembered the episode where this pic came from and had to post it. No plumbing job is ever easy and now that i've had time to mess with it, it's even worse than i thought.

rm_metalmama69 43F
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5/2/2006 2:28 pm

((( Hugs & Tootsie Pops )))

ohcurious14 replies on 5/2/2006 4:18 pm:
Love the hugs and OMG Tootsie Pops? yummmy!!! hehehe

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