Life as a Lesson  

ohboy48 68M
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9/28/2005 8:17 am

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Life as a Lesson

Life can be funny
Or it can not
No matter how you live it
You don't always get to say

It has a way of just happening
With random acts occurring
Some good, some bad
Others just there as experiences

It only really matters
If we truly enjoy the good
Understand the bad
And get through the neutral ones

Learning to appreciate them all
Is necessary to learn
The differences between them
Define what our existance is all about

The way each of us reacts to them
Is handled differently by all
Some laugh, some cry
Some sit there dazed by it all

The ones who use them as a tool
And not as individual events
Are those who will survive them best
While looking forward to the next

Those who weep and moan and groan
Are doomed to have this meager life
Be more task than experience
And sadder for it all

I need to thank the folks involved
Who by their love and friendship
Keep teaching me this prescious lesson
Each and every day

Sometimes with smiles and kisses
Sometimes with slaps and tears
Or maybe with confusion or fears
But always with emotions high

You have continued my education
And made me understand that life
Is always evolving and changing
Whether due to love or strife

And if I take each moment
Each hour and day
And remember them for what they are
I will be stronger, smarter and fulfilled

rm_jensspot 42F
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11/25/2006 11:43 pm

Love this one.....I agree.

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