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oglinda26 38F
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3/17/2006 11:31 am

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bad experience

Another message i have got

I have been many times in Romania and so far i like it. But also i have to tell you that i got ripped off in the internet already! A girl from Bacau send me some day a email and we got talking on the messenger. Than i got her phonenumber and i even talked to her "mum" many times. After one or two months she wantet to visit me in Germany and i send her 200 euro. And off course she had some "problems" on the Vama and than i haven愒 hear from here for about 3 weeks. Than she told me that she had a car-accident on the way to the Vama and she just got out off the hospital! And off course she still would like to see me! "SHE WAS MISSING ME SO MUCH"! she even wanted to get married with me and she can愒 get me out off her mind. Also she send me some naked pics off her and she spoke with me on the messenger with a webcam!!!!! Than she ask if i can send another 200 euros to buy a porc for her family for christmas. Which i didn愒 do because i was "very busy"! Since than i have never see anything from her!
I like your country very much and i also like to have friends down there, but what the most off this girls here in AdultFriendFinder do is not correct!

rm_LauraMe 38F

3/19/2006 12:10 pm

I`m from Romania and of course that` shit it hapenes. Many, but many woman need money to buy a porc, to pay study or social - medical insurences (sorry if my english is not so good. But we still have beutiful woman with beautiful minds. You are the stupid one `couse u send to her 200 euros. The trip is expensive, it take about 1000 euro. You sould know that 200 euros is not enough to visit you in Germany but enough to buy a porc.
Again, sorry for my english and sorry if I`m wrong.

rm_spooky20069 43M
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3/20/2006 10:16 am

Hello Laura. Thanks for your words. You are right that alot off girls need money for this and that. Thats ok. If somebody is honest with me, i dont have a problem to help out. I also met many girls with beautiful minds in Romania. I also know that 200 euro is not enough for the trip, but she was supose to see her cousin in Mnchen and she had a invitation already plus the busticket. She just needet another 200 euros to buy some things and we was supose to meet in Mnchen. But she made so many promisswes and just didnt keep them. Thats the problem. I told her, if she is correct with me, i can be a good friend. But for her it was "smarter" to ripp me off! I do not die on this 200 euros, its just, girls like her distroy alot off things for other "good" girls. And that is sad! It is normal that somebody get very carefull now and stop trusting the words from some girls in the net. Anyway, thanks again and maybe you send me a message again.

oglinda26 38F

3/20/2006 1:06 pm

Hello Spooky,
do you know romanian people have to show a vaild flight ticket,
an insurance and some money ..the minimum is 500€ at the border of Romania. The most girls tell you that step by step.
If you want to meet a woman from Romania be careful, maybe she is not the same you expect behind the pictures she sent you.
If you want to meet a woman from my country.. come to Romania for the first meeting. There are a lot of good girls around here, but behinde that side take care!!

LovingHeart2u 54M

3/21/2006 10:33 am

There are a lot of woman that just try to take money, I lost money to a woman in Russia, I have found that there are more woman in Russia and Ukraine that try to scam then there is in Romania. Yes there are some in Romania, But it is happiening all around the world. I was hoping to meet a honest woman from Romania and come there to stay for 6 months to a year. May be longer if she would want to. All that I hunt for is love, marriage, friendship and passion. I am starting to think that I just want to much.

rm_spooky20069 43M
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3/22/2006 10:11 am

Hello LovingHeart2u.
I am sorry, but i do not agree with you. I would say that at least 90% off the romanian girls in here just scamming for money! I was in contact with so many off them and i found so far only 4 girls which did not ask me for money! The only real good contacts i had was in Moldova! I met 2 girls there and they never ask for money. We are friends now and one off them i met for a vacation in Romania already! That was the nicest vacation i ever had!!!!

rm_spooky20069 43M
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3/25/2006 7:18 am

Hello Oglinda. Thanks for your advise. I know this problem already. I realy would like to get knowing a nice girl in Romania because i like that country alot.Maybe even just for a good friendship!! It愀 not necassary to have a serious relationship with her. But it starts already with the fact, that i try to get in touch with you and you don愒 give me a chance to talk to you on the messenger. I realy hope you will give me that chance some day.

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3/25/2006 3:46 pm

Mi ingles es mucho peor. Porque no escribes en Rumano?
Claro que mi rumano es mucho peor.

LovingHeart2u 54M

3/28/2006 12:20 am

Hello, I would love to meet Someone that is real. Please read all of this letter.
My name is Terry. I had a offer to come to Ukraine and do some computer work. But the more I learn about Romania, The more that I want to be in Romania to find love. Here is what I wanted to do. I was going to do computer work for anyone that needs it and I was going to open a restaurant for tourists, may be some other Businesses. I was going to stay in Romania for 1 maybe 1 and a half year's and then come back to America for 4 or 5 months and then start staying In Romania for the summers and back to America for the winters. I came on this site, Looking for my hearts desire Love, Passion and Friendship. I have found, lying and just looking for money. If I write to a woman now on here, I don't know who to trust. I seen some woman on here that when I look into the eyes, My heart would melt. I believe to look into the eyes and see how caring and understanding, how much love is in the soul. I all so want to see the passion that burns deep in side. I hold a lot of love in my heart. I look for the 1 to offer my heart to. I am a very passionate man and a very sexual man. I am kind of on the shy side around woman. That is why I am on here. I am hoping to be in Romania in 2 months, 1 month would be good but the paper work wont be done by then. If I don't meet someone by the time I get there ( I never will ) May I please tell you some about the woman in America?? ok. Most of the woman here are crazy, don't get me wrong some of the man are crazy to, but most of the man are the ones that raze there children. My childrens Mom took a gun and put it to her head and shot her self in front of my children. A lot of the woman here are doing that. Some of them are even killing there own children. That is a lot of the reason why I am coming to Romania for 1 year may be 1 and a half years. May be I will stay in Romania. That will be up to my love, that is if I ever find her. I read some of your Blogs. That is why I am writing to you. May be you, may be someone that you know. Please read my profile. I have it set up so Standard Members can just clik on my picture and read my profile. It will tell all about me. All that I look for is some one that I can offer my heart to, Yes some one real, Ha, Ha....... . To look into the eyes and see caring and understanding. To have someone to talk with about everday things, even your dreams and her dreams. To hold hands, to kiss and to hold close. Some of the things that I miss so much. Thank you for letting me talk, or should I say,,, Write. I do hope to hear from you, Don't forget to read my profile ok.


rm_ILSAlways 38M

4/2/2006 1:21 pm

Thank you darling for warning us! I was chatting myself with one very sexy looking girl from Moldova (but a citizen of Romania) and she proposed to me too that I could send her some money so that she could fly to my country to visit me. She even gave me her phonenumber. She also suggested to me one travel agency in Moldova. But because of how this travel agency did communicate with me I didn't book any flights from there. Despite that their offer for the flying tickets was only 375 euros. But I did ask about that from an other Moldovan travel agency and this is a direct sitation from our conversation: "To be honest I don't really understand how did they make it so low, because the fare without airport taxes is 400 euros. So even the flight operating company asks for their service more than offer you." And this strange (or fraud?) travel agency has even a functional web-sites.

At the end when I suggested that I'm willing to book her flying tickets from that reliable travel agency she "suddenly" said that she can't come to visit me if I don't send her for 500 euros more. Well you can guess did I send any money or not...

But I still believe that there are both in Moldova and Romania very beautiful and also honestladies who are willing to meet new people without any cheeting. So every young and sexy Romanian/Moldovan girls you can contact me!

3rd_eye_rider_69 49M
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5/29/2006 6:00 pm

I arrived in Romania 2 months ago for work. Romanians are definetely very hot and outside Bucharest women are, in my experience definetely not scammers (quite on the contrary). But I met a lady on this website a few weeks ago who did not seem to understand charity. I didn't fancy her, I was seeing someone else from this site, and after a dinner and her discussion of her financial needs to finish her university year, I decided to be charitable and gave her her needed 300 euros - as a sign of kindness more than anything else. She was keen on me and it took her some time to accept it (if she ever did!). But I did out of kindness because I really believe she needed it and 300 euros is nothing for us foreigners here. Besides I felt good because I gave it unconditionally - and yes, we didn't kiss or have sex or anything.

Travelingalaskan 52M
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8/17/2006 11:14 pm

Hay guys if you have a problem with scamers in Moldova call the Police OK!! most likely if there caught thy will get into some deep crapp from the Police so lets all crack down on this B.S Ok ?
Romaina could care less that there country is over run with hookers scamers and beggers.
And sure there are some very good Romanian ladys but very few !

rm_gruftengel 49M
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10/3/2006 9:20 am

well i don´t why sum of you are writing that 300€ are not enough for a ticket incl.all taxes!!!!!!!!!
i was travelling a lot of times to romania and the ticket was always about 250€ the most times lower then but never more, including all taxes.
it doesn´t really matters if you´re booking online or at a office, the difference is about 20-30€.
he most important thing is to fly TAROM the romanian company....of course they are offers form lufthansa or air france for 1000€ or more, swiss air is about 2000€ but you have to be crazy to fly with them.
once again, i´m always paying about 200€ for a flight from munich to bucharest and back. very good line, perfect service and very good airpanes (boeing 737-300) sum of them almost new.

rm_ravennechi 48M
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10/27/2006 12:08 am

HEY hello to all!!
thanks for the advice..
greetings from Mexico..

rm_troy19651 52M
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11/12/2006 1:31 pm

One thing i dont see here is the fact girls must have a visa. and if they come to the United States, the government here knows that most romanians dont leave when they do come so they dont offer women from that country a visa......... truth be known. That is the best tip i can offer to those who want a girl to visit them from another country. And a visa there are not that exspensive. i've been told $150 in US dollars. So the best thing to do is to go over and visit them first before anything. get to know them well before trying to bring them over with a fiance visa. which allows you to spend 3 months with her before marrying her. and if things dont work out, she will be shipped back to romania. And yes you can have more than one fiance visa also...if things didnt work out the first time.

rm_JohnGurney 54M
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12/26/2006 2:23 pm

Having read through most of the comments in your blog, it should be pointed out that as of 1st January, Romania will be a new member of the European Union. The most dramatic effect of this will enable any Romanian to visit the UK without a visa. They will be allowed to stay for up to 3 months. However, for the first few years, only people with required professions will be allowed to work in the UK, for which they must have a a work permit.

I have just looked on the TAROM (Romanian Air Travel) website, for return flights to London Heathrow, from Bucharest, leaving Romania in early March and returning 2 weeks later. The cost of this round trip is (including all airport taxes) 953 New Romanian Leu (Rol). At present the exchange rate is 1 Euro = 33 Rol, £1 British Pound Sterling = 49 Rol. Therefore the cost of this return air fair is approximately 30 Euro or £20.

If you find a young lady in Romania who is keen to visit the UK, she should be able to scrap together 1000 Rol to pay for her own return ticket. If she isn't willing to do this, and plan 2 to 3 months inadvance in order to get a cheaper fair, then she probaly isn't worth the worry.

Of course the prices of these tickets works the same for a trip from London to Bucharest, and everyone in the UK can afford to buy a return ticket for £20, to visit their new sweet heart.

Therefore the question of whether you are being scammed or not shouldn't arise. All you need do is advise the lady in question of the costs, and then either invite her to meet you in London, or offer to fly over to Bucharest. With a couple of nights in a hotel, taxi transfers and meals, you should be able to have a nice weekend break in Romania for less then £150 altogether.

Therefore, if the lady you've "met" on the Internet doesn't turn out to be the same person who greets you at the airport, why worry about it? If you make all these points clear in your opening exchange of messages, you should be able to avoid contact with anyone who asks you to send them money.

As a price comparison, British Airways also offer London to Bucharest flights for £166 return (6th - 20th March 2007).

rm_mave799 57M
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9/27/2007 1:39 am

you excuse my very bad English--
have I/you/they been contacted by a Rumanian girl and am I organizing a trip from me for a vacation here you can advise me for the aerial ticket??? I won't send money however the ticket can also be returned for a partial reimbursement and dasta the distance is always a beautiful figure.
if something strange happens have I read that they advise to call the police!!???? how??? has nobody involved adultfinder to have the real data of whom ago these frauds??
I wait for a polite answer and considering that the woman is really beautiful anchor difficulty to believe that a thing of the kind can do.
hi to everybody and thanks

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