I'm using this blog to get laid  

officekitano 34M
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6/14/2006 2:59 pm
I'm using this blog to get laid

I thought I would be honest with my first post. Yup, I signed up for AdultFriendFinder for the "Adult" part, not the "Friend" part. Problem is, every other guy in the freaking world did to. Now, I would consider myself bi-curious under certain circumstances, but my main focus is women. Age? not really a factor. Race? Come on it's the 21st Century. Appearance? Eh, well, I would like her to be to be on the prettier side. Relationship? Nope, just sex.

I sent messages, I've "winked," even joined a few groups. But honestly, I'm quickly becoming disillusioned about this whole thing. That's really code for "I thought with my dick when I reached for my credit card and now feel a tad dumb."

That's all for now. I'm not going to say don't contact me if you're a guy because that's just rude. If you contact me, do so to commiserate or share war stories about crazy internet encounters. Women, feel free to have NSA sex with me. Really crazy, kinky sex that will make you explode like Pop Rocks and Coke.

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