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2/14/2005 3:27 pm

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Does this place exist. I make polite enquiries, rude ones, short ones, long ones. I send face pics, dick pics (they wouldn't let me put Dick Cheney, Dick Nixon or Dick Gregory up for dick pics)pics of my garden, dog, landscapes. My network grows but to what end? I rarely hear from anyone on it. Is this real?... or just a cyber lost zone where some bright people have exploited the natural horniness of the human condition?

I'd like to actually meet a good looking woman or couple. I don't think I'm ugly... I'm equipped resonably. I'm a nice guy, intelligent. I can't spell well and my syntax gets messed up but my education nor intelligence have anything to do with it.

Is this bullshit....a game...a way to meet sex partners...or a vast cybernetic maze meant to lead people in circles always wondering if it could be around the next bend?

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