Inclinations....of the past??  

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8/25/2005 7:26 pm

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Inclinations....of the past??

I tried to post this yesterday, but it did not seem to get through, so here it is again.

I was reminising of the past. I know I am a very very sexually straight man. But strangely, my first masturbation was performed on me by a boy!! I was in Primary school, I think Primary 5 or 6. I was from an all boys school, so no girls around to explore my sexuality. In fact I knew nothing of sex until I met this best friend/classmate of mine. We got along well and one fine day I was at his place on the pretext of playing I guess. He started to carress me around my thighs and groin area. This really got me hot and horny. However, at that time, I could not identify what I was feeling. I only knew that it felt really good. He started to suck my balls and we started kissing. What I learnt about kissing were all from watching TV!

He then started to masturbate me. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew my cock was rock hard. Suddenly I started to have this uncontrollable feeling of ejaculating. Funny thing is, I tried to stop the flow, but it just came out. I felt good but yet guilty. Dun know why. Anyway, I masturbated him in return. His parents came back then I remember, and we were rushing to put our shorts on. I think there were a few more of these events that happened between the teo of us, but this remained clear in my mind till this day.

I am very straight. I love sex. However, I am adverse to being fucked by a man. However, I have no problems with men being naked around me and involved in orgies and all. I suppose when I look back, I realised that time was a gay experience, but I never really pursued that.

That boy and I went on to Secondary school together, but different classes. It got awkward over time between the two of us and we lost touch. I guess being a straight guy has made me more aware of what happened that fine afternoon. But I would have to thank him for exposing me to sex, masturbation, kissing, sucking etc. Sometimes I wonder where he learnt all that from????

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