A Decadent Dedication to one of my friends far away.  

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5/20/2006 8:48 am

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A Decadent Dedication to one of my friends far away.

We spent the day hiking through the foothills of the South Dakota. Our bodies tired and thirst ridden we made our way home through the early dusk. With the late day sun upon our faces we break the tree line and can see our getaway retreat. The small log cabin is set atop a rocky slope overlooking a pristine lake. The forest of pines and young oaks lying upon the foothills as if it were a hand made quilt stretching for miles as far as the eye can see. The final trek is almost to far to bear.
As we enter the cozy cabin and drop our day packs on the glistening cherry stained oak floor, you turn to me and let out a sigh of relief. You lean in to me whispering, “Thank you for such a beautiful day.” With a tender hug and sweet kiss on the cheek you turn to head for the quaint little kitchen and wash up for supper. As you stand at the sink with your back to me your beautiful body is silhouetted by the falling sunset through the picture window. You unbutton your blouse and your hair is pulled up as you run a cool damp cloth down the gentle slope of your neck and across your pounding chest. I lean against the door jam and watch in silence. A distant moment passes as you stand before me.
With the silence of a mouse I step lightly behind you as your glistening skin casts shadows of my approach on the wall across the room. I wrap my hands around your waist and pull you close to my bear chest. The heat from our bodies collides in a moment of surprise. Standing motionless I feel your tension drain away and I tilt my head to caress your cheek with my own. My hands slide forward and my arms embrace your body. One hand placed gently upon your stomach and the other just below your supple breasts I squeeze tightly in a passionate embrace. Gently my lips meet the tender flesh of your neck just below your ear. My hot breath cascading down over your throat seep in and gently tickles your breasts. Slowly my hands wander gently exploring your hips and I slide my hands between your thighs. As I kiss the gentle slope of your neck your body trembles with anticipation. My fingers slowly travel to meet yours and intertwine I can feel your heart is pounding in your chest and your breathing becomes heavy. You let out a gentle moan and as your head rolls back to find my shoulder.
My fingers begin to press deep into your shoulders massaging you with a gentle force. In a single motion I bear your shoulders and drop your passion soaked blouse to the floor and slide it away with my foot. Your bear back curves and arches sensually as my fingers press deep into your muscles. In an instant your body is ripe with desire and reach out to grab hold of the granite counter-top. Strange sensations pulse through your body as I run my fingertips up and down the valley of your spine. The beautiful skin of the small of your back beckons me to touch it, to kiss it. I dare not suppress my desire in this singular moment. I continue to caress your back as I kneel behind you. Kissing inch by inch lower the whole way down. Your head and shoulders lean farther forward as you feel the soft kisses one by one penetrate you with the desire with lust and want. I breathe heavy as my lips touch your gentle skin. My want is to ravage your body to tear at your flesh to make you and I one. But, I contain myself.
My fingers follow your waistline to the button of your tight little shorts. With a simple twist I pop open the threshold to your thin lacey panties. As I continue to plant tender lustful kisses I slowly turn your body to face me. I look up with desire as your supple breast heave upon your chest. Slowly I pull on the small zipper of your shorts to reveal the soft lace covered flesh of your bare shaven pussy. As I release the zipper from my grasp your shorts drop to the floor and your bare hips are revealed. Time seems to stand still as with a single finger I trace the line of your lacey panties over your hips to the gentle curve of your firm buttocks and back again. As your head leans back dangling your hair behind you with your hands posted firmly upon the counter you grin and let out a little chuckle. Your stomach tightens up and you reach out to run your fingers through my hair. With a deep exhale your whisper, “Oh God, I want you”. I place one hand upon your hips as the other continues to trace your panties. As I near your vagina I can feel an immense amount of heat radiating from within you. I caress your lips through your panties now soaked with the hot juices of your pussy as you moan with desire. I stand and pull your body to mine as we close our eye and our mouths meets in an explosive kiss of desire. Your arms wrap tightly around me as one hand slides up to cradle my head the other drives your nails in to the flesh of my back. Our kiss lasts forever.
You push me away in an instant. Standing there with your hair strewn about your face. Your head down as your eyes stare through your locks. A wild animalistic look upon your face as your breasts heave with desire. I grab you and push you against the counter as we begin another passionate kiss. Your hands frantically grasping at me pulling and pushing your heart pounding and your pussy is throbbing. You pull at my belt and tear at my waist. I hear faintly the sound of the button bouncing across the floor. “I want you now, Now”, is uttered from your lips over and over. I reach up behind you and grasp your hair pulling your head back as your hand slides in and wraps around my throbbing shaft. In a single motion I grab your thin lace panties and tear them from your body. Your hand pulling at my hard cock directs the tip to meet your soaked lust filled pussy. I grab a hold of your firm buttocks as I lift your body up and thrust my cock into your pussy. Your eyes roll back and your head falls backward as you scream out with pleasure. Your body leaning back you grab a hold of my arms. You can feel the tight muscles flexing with every motion. I gaze into your eyes as you stare at me with wild anticipation of orgasm. For a moment I slow up to feel your lips caress my throbbing shaft. I can hear how wet your pussy is as I slide slowly in and out of your hot vagina. I adjust my hold on you and begin to roll my hips as my pelvic bone slams against your clit with every thrust of my cock. You moan and roll your head back as I continue to ravage your pussy. I see your supple breasts bouncing and nipples standing hard as your writhes in ecstasy. I can feel your lips begin to tighten up as your pussy overflows with your own juices. You scream, “NOW, come with me now”. With a few hard thrusts of my throbbing shaft into your pussy you explode upon me. Your cum dripping down my cock as you feel me get much harder and then it happens. We let out a moan that echoes through the hills as my hot cum is shot deep inside of your wanting pussy.
As we fall to the floor with blissful exhaustion your legs still quiver with the final orgasm. Your body drawn close to mine we lie in the soft glow of the final moments of a Midwest sunset and dream of the days we will spend together.

gypsy1629 42F

5/27/2006 12:00 pm

Thank You! Thank You! I just loved EVERY line of this story and I printed it out right away! So I could treasure it later TONIGHT in BED!!!! God in heaven I thank you for this and plan to return the favor VERY soon!...


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