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2/26/2006 7:06 am

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To the sexy people who are really interested.....Okay here goes...first of all I learned this weekend as one of my encounters pointed out to me and after the weekend, I cant agree with him more. "Some fantasies are just that and should be left in your mind"..... to my "Big Daddy" as I like to call him, as it turns me on tremendously and fits him very well.....Well lets just say...He was very refreshing and went out of his way to make me feel like a woman (hey guys heres a "411", even though some girls/woman want the hell fucked out of them, they still deep inside love to be treated only like a woman should be, remember that and it will take you very very far)....and that is about all Im going to say about our encounter, as whether you believe it or not, I dont kiss and tell, well "that much"....LOL...You will just have to use your imaimagation. All Im going to say about him is....Hmmmm....I can't wait to, lets say....refresh myself again very soon....Thank you Big Daddy....I will probably sleep all day thinking about you!

Okay, as for the second "nice guy"...well lets just say....He was too fucking nice and thats another "411" for you fucking nice guys...dont be nice.....

Lastly, my third encounter with CT1975, well we did not get 2gether (damn) as I did not have enough time....but Im still fantasizing about what he will do.....I will keep you informed....Maybe sometimes this week......

and hey people...if you visit my blog...please leave response and let me know what you liked and did not like, and I am always open to suggestions or good advise....ttyl

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