Fantasy #2----Her Fantasy  

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6/27/2006 3:29 pm

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Fantasy #2----Her Fantasy

Hi there all! My turn to tell you my fantasy and what I want to turn into reality.

I come home from a day at work. The kids are gone for the night and candles are lit through out the house. I find a note on the end table written by my hubby and he writes that I should remove my clothes, get into the shower, freshen up, shave my pussy clean, and prepare for a night of fun. I do as the note instructs. I clean myself and gently shave my pussy bald as a newborn's behind. I stop the water and step out of the shower to find that hubby has snuck into the bathroom and laid out my clothes for me to wear. I have laid out for me to wear my red lace up corset, black lace thong panties, my thigh high black vinal high heeled boots, and my black collar. I get dressed with anticipation and excitement. I walk out of the bathroom to see my hubby standing naked holding a leash. without saying a word, he hooks the leash to my collar and blindfolds me. He asks me if I am ready to have some fun and without hesitation, I reply yes. He leads me through the house, up the stairs, and down the hall to our bedroom. He tells me to lie down on the deb and to reach up and grab the headboard. I do as he says and can feel him slip our soft cotton restraints around my wrists so that I cannot move. He kisses me passionately and tells me to get ready to have a good time that I will not soon forget. He slides down my body and spreads my legs. With total surprise he buries his face between my legs and begins to suck and lick my pussy. He takes his fingers and spreads me wide open, which he knows drives me crazy. he stops suddenly and I am so wanting him to lick my pussy more as I am so close to the brink of cumming. I feel him slide off the bed and can't help but wonder what he is up too. I hear footsteps. I feel him crawl back onto the bed and work his way to my pussy. He gently and softly licks up and down sucking on my clit. It feels good but different somehow. Suddenly he stops, climbing up my body and I know that he is going to fuck me now, what I have been wanting. I spread my legs wainting and wanting him to enter me. I feel his cock rubbing the entrance to my pussy and beg him to fuck me. Despite my needs and desires and how horny I was, I didn't take the time to notice he felt different somehow, but I didn't care. I wnted and needed fucked badly. I felt his breath in my ear. He buried his cock deep into me and I felt such relief and desire that he quit teasing me and finally sunk into me deep. He began to thrust into me and I didn't care anymore that he felt a little different. He whispered to me and asked me if I wanted the blindfold off. I said yes and when he did I was completely shocked. He was beside the bed the whole time. I looked up and was greated by a pair of tits swaying in front of my face. I was being fucked by a woman wearing a strap on!! She began to thrust into me and I didn't care anymore. I lifted my head up to suck a nipple into my mouth. She moaned and that caused her to fuck me faster.
She withdrew her fake cock from me and slipped off the toy from around her waist. She climbed over my face and sank her hips down, lowering her pussy to my face. I licked and sucked at her, causing her to moan with delight. I breathed hard and fast and groaned when my husband lifted my legs and entered me, whith his real cock. I felt her bend forward and she began to lick at my clit while I was being fucked. I felt him withdraw from me I assume to let her suck my juices off his cock and enter me again. I have lost count how many times I have cum by now. One orgasm right after the other. She groaned and squeeled that she was cumming too and released her juices on my mouth, toungue and face. She stood up and she told my husband to cum on my face. he stood up and stood up beside the bed and I watched as she stroked his cock for him. His balls let go and he exploded his cum all over my face and tits. She milked every drop of his cum from his cock onto my face. She bent down and proceeded to lick up every drop from my tits and face, lastly licking and kissing my lips. She began kissing me passionately. I can taste my hubby's cum on her. She stopped, untied me, and helped me up where we shared a gentle hug and embrace.

Hope you enjoy this and get in touch with us and let my hubby know you will help this fantasy come true!!!

rm_jgslave1976 41F

7/6/2006 7:36 pm

I think I could help you and hubby out. Let me know

nwindcouple replies on 7/6/2006 9:10 pm:
all you or anyone else has to do is be for real and genuinely interested. if you are, then give me a shout. would love to make this happen. our contact is in our profile.

nwindcouple 47M/44F
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7/6/2006 10:21 am

ok, so contact us and lets set something up. talking about it is nice and we very much appreciate it, but lets do something about it. you all know how to contact us so lets put something together and have some fun!

Lookin4Funn6969 35F  
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7/6/2006 1:33 am

wow!! That was HOT! I got very wet reading it, would love to make your fantasy a reality!

ssassy139 49F
2 posts
7/5/2006 2:25 pm

that made me very wet just reading it where do I sign up

nwindcouple replies on 7/5/2006 8:14 pm:
ok, your signed up. just let me know when you can be here. would love to set things up and make them happen

Harley212006 33F
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7/2/2006 11:48 am

i will help out with this in a heartbeat

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