I'm a LUCKY guy - Valentine's day 2006  

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2/8/2006 4:01 pm

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I'm a LUCKY guy - Valentine's day 2006

Next Tuesday will be our 21st Valentine's day together. Our second date was on Valentine's day, 1985. We were both 35, divorced and tired of the singles scene. We met through a singles ad... and by our second date we were both totally in love. At dinner that Valentine's night at a swank restaurant, while I had stepped away to the men's room, the waitress came by the table and asked her, "Does your husband want pepper on his salad?" - "I don't know", she replied, "He's not my husband".

I guess that waitress thought we looked as though we SHOULD be married. It must have looked that way to the both of us also, because, after knowing her only ten days, I asked her if she would marry me. That was in February, we were married that September.

The years have rolled by. We've changed jobs, moved, put our kids through school, moved again, changed jobs again, put the kids through college, invested a little, moved again... and again. But I couldn't have wished for a better life. Everything I have, everything I am, she made happen. I don't know where I would be today without her.

A few years ago we added swinging to our repertoire - it was a perfect fit. This beautiful, smart, woman recognized immediately how the Lifestyle impassioned the two of us as a couple. It's the ultimate expression of trust - the freedom to share recreational sex with other people and having that experience build more dimension to our history as a couple. Swinging alone doesn't define our relationship, it's just one of hundreds of experiences we've shared over time that makes us the partners that we are today.

So 21 years have gone by and we love each other more every day. We cherish waking up together each morning, we talk on the phone during the day, we even worked together for a while. Hers is the last voice I hear before I fade into sleep at night.

We both know that some day one of us won't be here any more. We know we are getting older, our bodies are leaving us behind, but our love keeps growing. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we know what we have now and we remember how we got here.

And we love Valentine's day because it's our special day. It's the day we first fell in love.

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