filing bankruptcy not for the weak of spirit  

nuts4noah 59F
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9/7/2006 11:52 am
filing bankruptcy not for the weak of spirit

This really sucks, having to admit I bought and failed to pay. How very unamerican. But I am in the throes of having to file bankruptcy largely due to factors unseen that all converged at once, making my bank account resemble a bottomless black hole. I lost my job, became very sick, depleted unemployment and briefly collected food stamps in the space of a few short months. The really scary thing is it could happen to you. Thanks to my parents, I have a place to live, food and clothing. Plus their reminiscenses and rampages are actually counted as entertainment on my new and improved but drastically underfunded budget. Also applied for disability which is disarming alltogether. When I look in the mirror I see a rapidly disintegrating picture of a once healthy happy woman, lover, mother. It is totally degrading to be here, but I know many of you can benefit from my path's experience so here I am. I am in stage two of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy which means I don't pay anybody but can still get credit for essentials. Now don't that suck for the American taxpayer? well, I was one myself for years and years so stick that fat tongue back in your mouth. It could be you, my friend, it could be you. I have finished pre filing counseling and now await court date to have a distinguished judge waste five minutes of his day telling me what a lout I am. Then my record is expunged, I enter credit rating hell, and move on. Perhaps one day this will all be a distant and foggy memory. Right now it is an infected, maggot ridden sore spot. Sorry, all you merchants who took me at my word. I really meant to pay, really, I did, just life reared an ugly side on me and it may be the next millenium before I can get to you. Readers, rejoice in your jobs however tedious. At least you have your self respect intact. I am volunteering 5 days a week to repay society but even that has rewards for me, a place where everybody knows my name and a few have even asked me out, perhaps sniffing my sexual fervor which of course as always remains unabaited. LOL thank Goddesses for small favors. The end of the story remains to be seen, this story stretches as long as a legal "brief" haha what an oxymoron. Cash and carry is my new motto, long life to all.

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