I've got a second date with Harry, keep your pants on competition!  

nuts4noah 59F
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9/5/2006 11:52 am
I've got a second date with Harry, keep your pants on competition!

Am very excited, can't you tell? Harry is so hot, and he thinks I am too. We picniced Saturday and fucked, now we're dining and fucking so progress is being made. It's the third date that is the killer though, few make it through that ring of fire for some reason. Ladies, do yall have this programming glitch? For some reason they think they're gonna have ta marry you after date three, I don't get it. Surely it has nothing to do with that is all I talk about! LOL ever hear of spiting your nose by cutting off your face? I'm the world's most wanted for that. Anyway, Harry and I are on date number 2 and it is gonna be all that and then some/ He wears a beautiful Star of David on a thick gold rope chain that I love to entangle myself in. He promises that it's too late for me to convert, something about not being able to have more kids which is way too theological for me but what he doesn't know won't hurt him, will it? I think I've still got some eggs on the ready for the right Freddy, know what I mean? I plan to suckle him quite nicely before moving in for the kill, need some pounding pussy and anal sex to close the deal and he is a real gentleman pearl diver. Doesn't even need any equipment though that lil finger in my clitoral opening certainly does feel G O O D! Will spill the beans at my book signing, gotta make a million somehow, readers unite! Will be an Oprah best seller, less than $12 a copy and oh, so worth it. You know I'm right on this one!!! For now, I'm gonna bathe and scent myself strategically and enjoydeview to parleview some Frenchie on yall...

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