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I suppose that many men who cheat initially claim to be happily married, but I really am. My wife is a vibrant, sexy, beautiful waoman who has a great body and a wonderful personality. I love her very much and I'm planning on doing it again.

I went for a walk through a nearby park and found myself following a young woman with a moon-shaped ass. She was wearing skintight stretch pants which fit her like a second layer of skin. They hugged her ass deliciously, outlineing her luscious half moons, clearly showing she was wearing no panties.

Her ass looked so inviting that I had to fight the urge to catch up with her, reach out with both hands, and squeeze that ripe young thing.

Pretty soon, I did catch up with her and we made eye contact. She was very attractived, and her proud breasts bobbed freely, wnrestrained under her simple black top, which hung loosely on her.

She smiled warmly at me, so we started a conversation. I found out that she lived only a couple blocks away from me, in an apartment building. Her name is Elisa, and she's 45 years young and not dating anyone. We kept on walking, and I quickly discovered Elisa was very lonely.

By the time out walk brought us back to her apartment building, I had also discovered Elisa was very horny and quite willing to let me do something about it.

I reacted instinctively, not giving my wife a thought. Iwent upstairs to Elisa's apartment and nearly tore her clothes off her. I hugged her soft, warm, naked body to mine, and we kissed the most passionate kiss I'd had in several years.

My cock throbbed and rubbed against her pussy. I could feel moist warmth radiating from her cunt, and laid her down on her bed, diving on top of her. We were both so hot, there was no need for foreplay, although we continued kissing passionately, feverishly gropping each other. My fingers did a slam dance in and out of her beautiful pussy.

Elisa rolled over and pulled a condom out of her bedside table drawer. She ripped it open with her teeth, then pushed me onto my back, hovered over my throbbing cock, put the condom over my cockhead, then wrapped her lips around my sheathed cockhead and unrolled the condom with hertalented mouth. I'd never seen anything like it before in my life.

Then Elisa straddled my cock and implaed herself on top of me, taking me all the way inside her with one forceful downward thrust.

Her pussy squished from that first penetration. Her lube coated the rubber, and her lips bounced frantically on top of me, pounding away at me, taking us both straight toward orgasm.

She rode me furiously, her luscious body thrashing wildly, her breasts slapping together, her moon face knotted in orgasmic exertion. My hands were kneading her soft cheeks, and we were both hurtling toward powerful orgasims.

When Elisa squealed and her torso wiplashed forward with the force of her climax, my balls quaked and I filled that rubber with my apurting cum. Our orgasms shook us to the bone and left us breathless.

When I dressed and left, Elisa kissed me goodbye and told me she takes a walk in the park at the same time everyday. I patted her on the ass and told her i'd be seeing her soon. And I will, too!

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im wet
so well written too
silky xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi, welcome to blog!

Are you aware there is a new group created for bloggers and their readership to meet and frolic in the chat room? (A place for serious discussion as well)

A group where interesting blog posts will be “spot-lighted” along with the links of how to get there. A place where new kids on the block can actually get seen as well as the predominant “hierarchy”.

A place where ideas can flow--from suggested blog topics, to writing "critiques", to directions on how to better use the elements of color, photos, and font style/size to make your blog more eye appealing; as well as instructions on how to better use linking to other posts.

A place where writers (non-bloggers as well) who are interested in “creative” writing to post some of their works; as well as joining in on some of our “creative writing games” as well.

Being that this is an adult site, we will also have a group post running where writers and their followers can indicate where they're from so maybe you might actually be able to meet some folk "local" to you.

Flirtatious banter is encouraged--crude obscene assaults will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion.

So...Stop in and have a little fun over your cup o' joe!

Here is a link to the group Blog Cafe, look forward to meeting you there!

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