Am I Strange?  

rm_nuffstuff4u3 42M
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4/23/2006 9:23 am
Am I Strange?

yu know sometimes i think that i am the strangest guy in this world. Why is it that i am married and i love my wife very much, yet i want to fuck every other sexually appealing woman i come across? and i also dont mind if my wife want to fuck someone else, as long as she is discrete and dont use the opportunity to disrespect me directly?...weird uh? I remember mentioning to her once if there is anyone she ever felt like she wanted to fuck...she said no. i told her it wouldnt matter to me if she did. Of course she was shocked and said i must be sick and she would never do that. I told her never say never. She of course said i am the only one she loved and dont want another. She dont even accept compliments from other men. I had to tell her thats not wise because i am not the only one who will find her attractive ( di gal pretty yu si!!....oh my.

Sometimes i actually wish she wud hav an affair. She jus siddung deh boring so..jeez!!..I on the other hand, any chance i get to fuck or get freaky with someone else, as long as i can trust that person, i am game. I know i am not an addict, just some one who love sexual things nd want to fully explore my sexuality. Maybe its because i got married a physical virgin at age 24. Now that i hav gotten introduced to sex, its as if i cant get enough and she is not so freaky and into it like me so i find myself straying...hmmmmm..

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