my very first fuck session  

rm_nudesterr 55M
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4/3/2006 1:11 pm
my very first fuck session

i was about 17 yrs old when i really started getting turned on by girls. i was always walking around with a hard on. my older sister ginny (jennifer) was 19 she is now and then a fox to be sure. she had my mothers titties and red hair and green eyes. and a figure to die for. anyway one night mom and dad were gone to new years party at my fathers company. which i knew mom hated big time. anyway ginny and i were home. it got to be about 10 or 11 and i was getting tired and told her good nite. actually all i wanted to do was go beat my meat and pretend i was in her warm clit. so anyway i went to bed. and started whacking the ole pud. wheh i heard footsteps by my door. i kept quiet and ginny entered her room. i snuck out of bed and went to her door. and i heard her moaning and then something strange. she was calling out my name fuck me jeffrey fuck me with that big cock. i could not belive it i opened her door and she jumped up pulling the sheet around her. there i was standing in her room leaking pre-cum from my shaft. i said do you really want to fuck me like you were saying. oh my god you heard that. i said yes every word. she sighed and said ok so you know i think your hot. you might as well come over here and fuck me. well i did not
have to be asked twice. i nearly flew in to her arms. ginny asked me have you ever fucked a girl before i said no. so she taught me how to kiss and suck her big titties and had the tighest ass i ever saw. told me how to finger her pussy and she blew me and sucked my cock off until it came in her lips and she drank it all down. then i ate her and god she was hot. and her pussy was hot as hell and tasted great. i sent her into several orgaisms. finally she told me to put my cock in her pussy. but she did not tell me i was only the second boy to fuck her. until years later. well we fucked and sucked until mom and dad came home and i went back to my room. well we were lovers until she met mike and got married. i graduated out of high school and mom sent me to see my sister while her husband was on sea manuvers with the navy for six months. but he had only about 3 1/2 weeks left before he came home on leave. so during that time we took up where we had left off.
we fucked and sucked each other almost everyday. then it was time for me to come home. and start going to college. one day not long after i got home ginny called and asked mom to have me call her back. so i called and she asked me is i was standing up or sitting down i said why she said well jeff your big cock came in me so many times that you knocked me up. i am going to have your baby. well i thought my whole world was over. she said don't worry about it i am going to tell mike i met A man off the net. while he was at sea and screwed him only once. if he leaves me he leaves if not he can get over it. but i am having this baby of ours. i expect you to see it and love it as much as possible. she did tell mike she had an affair and gave birth to my first son who she named after me. it would not be long until mom and i had our own little secret.

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