Shootin' the moon.......  

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6/14/2006 10:15 pm

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Shootin' the moon.......

It's been a tough week for my Mom's family. Lost an uncle Friday to a heart attack and an aunt last night to Alzheimer's / Stroke. Two weekends, two funerals.
My mom comes from a large family of 6 sisters and two brothers. When my grandparents were alive, we got together as a family a lot. I cannot begin to describe the food at these gatherings. Naturally, with all those aunts and uncles, I have a lot of cousins.

As was common down here in "my south" the children were relegated to the fold up card tables, coffee tables, or wherever you could grab a seat with your plate. All of the adults sat at the large dining table with my grandparents.

After the meals, a loud raucous Rook game would get started as soon as the table was cleared. Coffee would be made and the cards dealt. If there was one thing my grandaddy loved, it was Rook. He would play as long as someone would sit at the table with him. They would play into the wee hours of the morning and my folks would scoop us up and we would sleep in the car all the way home.

If we were quiet and didn't make a pest of ourseleves, we would be allowed to stand in the kitchen or wherever they were playing and watch a few hands. If you fetched a few cups of coffee, that would buy you a few more minutes. I always stood by Grandaddy and watched his hands. That man...he would love it when he got a "moon hand".
I can still hear him...."Shoot the Moon!!" That basically means you intend to take every trick.

We kids would always get the old worn out decks and start our own games. We all couldn't wait til the day that we graduated to the "big table".
Then all of the sudden, we made it to high school and our grandparents died. They were the glue. we never got toegether as a family like that much anymore. We never made it to the big table. I would give anything to have played just one game at the big table with my grandaddy as my partner.
We all would....

It's sad watching my Mom and her remaining sisters and brother watch their older siblings pass away.
So many different personalities. I learned something from all of them. I miss the one's that aren't here any more. I loved them all. I just didn't know how much at the time. I was blessed with a wonderful family and I still am.

So to my Grandaddy Homer and Grandmother Gert, my uncles Jack, Bo, Reese, Don, and Roger. To my aunts Maybelle and Rose. We miss you all and we can't wait to see you again. One thing for sure, we know you all probably have one hell of a Rook game going on where you are at....

"I got a moon hand boys...might as well give 'em all to me, the rest are mine....." Homer B.

Dedicated to the memory of those I mentioned above.

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6/17/2006 8:21 am

Aweee that's a bittersweet post...thanks for reminding me of my younger years...our family was really close too, but for some reason we don't communicate alot's really a shame and it bothers me alot...I miss having those special days with family.



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