nshift8 41F
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4/10/2006 7:10 pm

I sat in my office, and my screen blinks at me


"hi, who is this?"

"Im watching you-I love the way your breasts look in the shower, as the water falls from your long nurturing nipples."

what the hell? I immediately take the defensive

"who the hell is this? no funny!"

"goodbye, I'll be watching you..."

I should be upset, but instead I sat there, turned on and aching. Who is watching me? Is there someone watching me? How? Must be a prankster...

I forget about it, and get on with my work. Later I begin rubbing my neck and my screen blinks again.

"I loved the low cut black fitted tee you just bought and ore today. it makes your breasts so accessible..."

OMG-he is watching me!

"who are you?"

I was scared now, but still turned on. Why was I turned on? I am being violated in my own home by an unknown!

"I am your dream come true-your desires, your deepest desire-and i will have you in a number of ways before the night is out, sweet day dreams, luv."

Oh, m core ached! I wanted to be taken but I wanted to not want it. I wanted to be touched, violated and totally ---n wait what was I thinking? Someone is IN my HOME, watching ME?!

I pack my stuff, tell my partner I ahve a huge headache and that I am headig home for the day.

As I drive home I wander who is it that is aware of me. I had to know him because they knew where I lived, knew how to reach me.

Will someone really be there? I feel my panties get wet with my excitement.

I pull into the drive...

key in the lock...

Would they know I am home? It is daylight.

turn the key...

Will they take me as I enter?

and the door swings open

I am home....


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