Life over 40  

nrtrn_lover 55M
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3/21/2006 6:23 pm
Life over 40

I don't mind getting old, hell I like it actually. I am letting the gray stay in my hair,I am a better person than when I was young, and I know more now. I didn't even consider my self grown up untill 30. But there is one thing i don't like. I can't lose weight like i used to be able too.

When I was in my 20s, I had a flat stomach, well, flatter, and was in good shape. But in my late 30s, my metabolism slowed way way down. That was ok until I took a sedentary, high stress job. I worked 50+ hours each week, and ate poorly. Now, although I moved to a less stressful job, I am stuck with the 30+ pounds I put on there.

When I was younger I feared getting fat. I have managed to avoid it most of my life, but here it is. Let's just say the Koreans are closer to agreeing with each other than I am to meeting what the insurance industry says I should weigh. I am working on losing it now, but here it is.

What bothers me though, is I now have an obstructed view of my dick. It didn't used to be that way. When I was 20 it liked to stick out like a damned flag pole, often at the wrong times. Now, well, it still waves the flag above the hill, but it looked better when it waved it from the prairie.

I am not so heavy that my belly hangs, but to me, I feel 300 lbs. I can see why women have a hard time with body issues. When I was younger, it seemed the old guys were heavy, sloppy, and didn't care. They were (mostly) married, and nobody really cared what they looked like. Or so that was my view anyway. Now that it is me, I look at TV and movies, and I feel old, ugly, and heavy. Thanks for that media.

So gals, how is it. Does it really bother you when the six-pack gets traded for a Dunlap? Am I that over sensitive? Howard Kurtz, the Washing Post columnist, wrote about an add he saw in a liberal publication. The gut was looking for a date. He was looking for a women who was liberal, hated George Bush, was a Democrat, and pro-environment. No fatties. The point is, if even the most liberal see it ok to have a weight bias, is there any hope for us as we age and put on that additional weight and gravity takes it's toll?

I like my life, and I'll get off these extra pounds. I walk every day now and am eating better. But still, I miss my 20s. I didn't know what I was doing, but I looked good. And after all, isn't that what really counts in America today? Nrtrn_lover

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