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9/8/2006 11:10 am

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I've been lucky enough to have some good chats with a very intelligent and thoughtful lady about touch and touching.

I realize that touch can pertain to various things like emotion and thought, but the aspect that concerns me is the physical contact between lovers. Probably because it's what i've been missing. I think the physical can open the door to emotion and thought.

I'm not going to stick my neck out and say that touching someones emotions or thoughts is secondary, because, for one thing; one of you nasty bloggers will certainly feel obliged to take a dull saw to said neck, and i will feel the need to return the favor; and secondly, since there are doors between them, who am i to tell anyone where to enter?

I guess i could say something like, "but i digress", but that seems 'rawther' stuffy coming from someone who only knows what he feels...or what he wants to feel in this case....

Which happens to be:

Soft, warm, smooth, goose bumps, complex curves, breathe, shivers, surrender, demand, secrets, heat, moisture; yeah, little girl, what else you got for me to touch?


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9/8/2006 11:51 am

I think you are right. Its hard to get to someones emotions or thoughts if in some type of a sexual relationship if there is not a lot of touching.

That doesn't mean foreplay touch. Running your hands through her hair, holding hands, just hugging, these are essential means of touching too.

I am a massage therapist and our bodys crave touch, its relaxing, eases stress, stirs the immune system and our central nervous system to work better.

Even with massage, the simple factor of the massage can bring about a lump in the sheet even when not intentional.

Just the touch of a hand can bring someone sick the energy to get well or allow them the peace and solidtude to let go to a better place in a more peaceful manner.

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9/8/2006 4:07 pm

and that gentlemen, is what two ladies have to say


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