The Whole of Iowa  

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8/30/2006 3:22 am
The Whole of Iowa

el and i was doin' iowa,
biker rally, with races run.
rest of the crew had all the shade,
leavin' el and i the sun.

gettin' rowdy in the campground
between events of fun.
some ol' boys was on four wheelers,
and thru the corn they'd run.

i looked at el, and she at me.
she said, 'get on you s.o.b'.
and if jack daniels has a face,
it was lit with evil glee.

el turned over and with a roar,
we exploded into view,
encouraged by some curses,
***hole and ****head, to name a few.

well, we made a bunch of passes,
they lined up to watch us go.
we only stopped to grab a beer,
and then on with the show.

the second set was going good,
when the whole of iowa appeared.
i thought el and i were china bound,
so i hit another gear.

when i came to, spittin' sand and burrs,
and el across my knee;
they helped us up and doctored me,
by rippin' off my sleeve.

the moral of the story?
don't drink, you fool, and drive,
unless of course you happen to know
when the whole of iowa arrives.


NOTICE: if anyone out there thinks they can make money off of this, or that it will get them laid, have at it. i expect half the money or sloppy seconds.


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