Thanks TryWitchyWoman  

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8/25/2006 5:42 pm

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8/25/2006 7:07 pm

Thanks TryWitchyWoman

A nice woman from Tennessee dropped me a comment saying that i should keep looking and that i will find what i'm looking for.

Sage advice.

Anyone have any idea what to do about a bad case of blue balls while i'm looking?

I guess i could try going to a bar, but i have the sad feeling that i will wake up tomorrow with a bad hangover, an empty wallet, and my balls will be telling me i struck out again, and that i'm benched for the next game.

I just don't know. There's always masturbation. That's always seemed like twiddling my thumbs only the motion is different. If i had a choice i'd rather twiddle someone while she twiddled me.

Maybe try the gay scene? Naw. I want to get laid, not shampooed and shaved. Besides that i hate joining any damn thing and marching in parades suck. If i'm going to come out of anything, i'm hoping it will be a woman's home with a large smile on my face.

I've thought about giving up the chase, and be like a deer hunter; just sit in a nice tree somewhere and wait for a woman to just come along and invite her to sit in my tree with me. Images of straightjackets and padded rooms cancelled that one; although the drugs they would give me.....

I know that people are wondering what this preoccupation with sex is all about. I wonder myself, but i'm going to wait until i get some before letting anyone fuck with my head and possibly ruining my preoccupation.

Well, tomorrow is a new day....yeah, right.

TnWitchyWoman 57F
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8/25/2006 6:39 pm

*beams* You are welcome! And I understand the frustration. It is just not the same when you take care of things yourself. I do not mind toys either when I am with someone, but in my book they are no replacement for the real thing. I want a warm body next to me. I want all the senses on alert and there is just no mechanical substitute for that. I hope time helps us both find what we are looking for...and I hope it is soon. I do not know about you, but I think looking is a bitch! You have to go through all the pieces of crap out there and it is a painful reminder of what you DON'T have. *shrugs and sighs* I will keep telling you and me both...hang in there, it will happen.


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