Decisions Revisited  

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9/4/2006 5:06 am

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Decisions Revisited

Came home early. Got tired of seeing partially or fully naked women that were with other men.

Did not take photos. (my memory, though skewed, works just fine)

I camped by myself, but visited with various groups of people i know who camp along the roads in the campground.


1. Young women seemed the most willing to show their physical attributes, especially if shiny beads were offered. Their young male partners were willing to hold bags, excess strands of beads, etc., and had an aura of pride.

2. Middle aged women would either laugh off the offer and walk on by or check with their male partner before exposing themselves. The male would stand in a slightly defensive posture.

3. Older women would walk by with a frown or show their attributes without being asked. The male would wait patiently, or trade jokes with the group while the woman took care of business. While beads were sometimes exchanged, the preferred payment was to look into their eyes, smile, and say thank you.

All in all had a great time. the ride was good, the beer was cold, and the people were true to themselves and others.

Decision: not going to initiate anymore emails. will answer emails in a civil manner.

I actually decided on this before i ever left for iowa, but i thought the idea of quest or haj added a certain element.


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