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4/27/2006 6:07 pm

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4/28/2006 11:51 am

collared for the day

I love collar day its my favorite day of the week when Jack makes me where my collar out in public with the little fuck puppy tag on it. I'm never allowed to wear a bra either and only damn near see through clothing, i love the attention i get when we go out to the clubs. Jack and I spent most of the day on bourbon.. I could see the men staring at me as we sat drinking. "Go dance puppy." Jack told me, in his no arguing tone. Smiling i went out of the floor, showing off my sluttiest moves. I kept running my hands over my pussy and tits feeling the eyes of the guys on me. I felt hands on my waist and a hard cock pressing against the crack of my ass. I was wearing a mini skirt and no panties so when i bent over i gave the stranger a full view of my pussy. Without hesitating he reached out and stroked it slidng a finger in quickly before i straightened. Looking over I saw jack smile and nod his head. Turning i was facing a tall man with a wide grin on his face. "Wanna go to the bathroom real quick?" I asked seieng him nodd i led him off the floor into the bathroom. Without waiting he unzipped his pants shoving his huge cock in me. I moaned like a slut quickly fucking me as i told him i was a slut and a whore, a cum box that needed filling. It only took him a couple of strokes before he was done and left me alone in the bathroom. Before i could clean up another man entered while i was bent over and slid right in me quickly coming and leaving. This went on for four men until finally i cleaned up and walked out to enjoy the rest of the evening... God i love this city!

NorthshoreGuy27 39M

4/28/2006 9:29 am

That was so dick got hard just reading it as I try to pic that evening.

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