First Wedding Anniversary [plus Sunday Night Sex Clubs]  

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8/10/2006 3:44 pm

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First Wedding Anniversary [plus Sunday Night Sex Clubs]

ok. about 9 months ago now i wrote in here that we got married. it was our first anniversary a few days ago.

yay! [got that phrase from steffi]

in the last entry i said i'd write more about our time before we got engaged and our marriage in Vegas and 2 nights at the Palms, and sex as a married couple.

still, getting married in Vegas, after a year, seems too surreal for words. i'm not a Vegas kinda guy. well, more on that event later.

i just wanted to update some things.

steffi and i created steffistu, a couple account in here. i haven't logged in here much in this account except when i'm doing webcam stuff. steffi's usually with me for that but she won't go on the cam. NOT A CHANCE. she says, so she watches me and masturbates and watches the other cams on the screen that i watch.

she gets a particular thrill out of gay men watching me cum. i think it's kind of interesting that i can take part in a homosexual event [something i'm not interested in in real life] and it gets steffi off. that's fun for me.

i also like her watching me on the cam and at the same time getting turned on by her and by the cam women i watch. so many arousing things to do with the internet.

anyway, the best sexual news of the first year was in our increased pace and intensity of sex. as a married couple it's so much richer, but not in a way that degrades [relatively] our sex before we were married. and i don't think people should get married because their sex will get better. i don't think that's a causal relationship.

anyway, our sex has been amazing, but we've also branched out and joined a sunday night sex club where 3-7 men and women get together to play around with each other. most of the women are bi, some are lesbian. most of the men are straight, some are bi. no gay men yet.

steffi's friend invited us. steffi would only fuck the men but loved watching other women with women, men and me. i loved watching her with other men. i loved masturbating while another guy fucked her and i loved her watching me do that.

over time, steffi started to let women fuck her: finger her, suck her, play with her breasts. she didn't do anything, but rub breasts and bums. eventually she went down on the woman who sucked her most often and she liked it a lot.

we both have heaps of fun at these nights. some nights i can't make it because something is on and some nights she can't. but mostly we're both there. when it's just one of us, we get the story when the person comes back home. we trust everyone there so i'm not afraid of anything happening to her when i'm not there, and vice versa.

whether we go together or alone, we almost always have incredibly intense sex when we get home. it's like the whole evening is foreplay, even though it's not. then the main event is us fucking at home.

sometimes we fuck each other at the club, not often, though. it's quite a rush to show others how we do it. not that they particularly care because most everyone fucks most everyone else. but it is a sort of intimate sharing of our relationship with others. and on that level they appreciate it.

essentially, i've had more sex and with more women in the first year of my marriage than ever before. it is fantastic sex with my wife and it's entertaining sex with other women. also interesting is fucking another woman when a guy has his cock in her mouth or is titfucking her. i've done that a few times when it's steffi i'm fucking or she's blowing me while someone else is filling her with cum. it leads to quite an orgasm.

and after hitting a Denny's for ravenous hunger after the sex club, we're home to fuck some more.

life as a married man is splendid.

so look for us in here at the steffistu handle. in there we cyber with women and couples, sometimes with cams. we're always interested in conversations with people about their sexual habits, thrills, great moments and fantasies. steffi's made some good friends with some young single women and we've met some nice folks in their late 30s and 40s, and many in between.

we don't however play online with people in town and we don't use this site to meet people, just so you locals know.

to quote George Michael, we "want your sex!"

good sex to you all!

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