Moving On  

notaslutatall 37F
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9/7/2006 9:25 pm
Moving On

Well life gets better and better. I am finally moving out! Can't wait date is oct. 15th. My job transfer went through now I have to get a place. I am very excited! I might be without internet for a couple of days until I get it installed. I decided not to wait any longer (until after the holidays)to move out. In some ways a part of me feels guilty to leave here. I do so much for my mom (who is now going to be living alone) now. I am concerned she will not be able to manage. I'll just have to visit often to help out (mowing lawn, moving things, other miscellaneous pain in the ass shit). By moving out early I will be able to focus on school and also ask for certain things I need for my pad for my bday and christmas. I will write more in this blog when I have some developments.

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