Welcome...to something!  

norwichmale34 49M
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6/20/2006 3:46 pm

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7/9/2007 8:05 am

Welcome...to something!

Any suggestions?


6/20/2006 5:42 pm

It can be anything. Your ideas, likes, dislikes, fantasies, hobbies, good days, bad days, etc....Just enjoy it and have fun.

angelofmercy5 60F
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6/20/2006 7:59 pm

Welcome to the blogs!

xxxRAVENxxx06 51F

9/26/2006 1:59 pm

You just want me!!!

cum_n_fun_get_me 49F
4 posts
10/8/2006 5:28 pm

NOOOOO....my friend....you know you just gotta try me!!!!! All you have to do is ask!

xxxRAVENxxx06 51F

10/13/2006 10:52 am

U wish...... PHWOAR!!!

xxxRAVENxxx06 51F

12/19/2006 11:59 am

Pity I cant type here what i wanna do to you, one day babe, but will it be in the Winnebago? and what ever will we do with Sid? xxxxxx

xxxRAVENxxx06 51F

4/1/2007 4:50 am

My kind of man, easy and willing to please!!! What pub should we do next? Mind you, weather is getting warmer..... and i did spot some horses the other day

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