On the Subject of Strange Conversations  

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4/15/2006 5:56 am

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On the Subject of Strange Conversations

Ever had a conversation with someone that in a million zillion years you never thought you'd be speaking to? Well that happened to me last night. I've mentioned before that once upon a time I was in love with the man who is know my best friend....well I got an im from one of the women in his life besides me.....now what's odd about it is that he has always sheltered me from that....i knew he was looking, dating, hell sleeping with other women but he always tried to protect me even to the point of lying. seems though that this particular friend has been following my -- well for lack of a better term -- "good girl" blog on another site....and has wanted to contact me for some time....so she did and we ended up having this two hour conversation that I reallly really enjoyed. Turns out they -- according to her--were just internet buddies and most of their conversations revolved around her and her life and me....hmmm....interesting.....it was just a bit comical to realize that as curious as i was about her....because i knew she and other existed.....she was equally curious about me....it was odd how much we had in common....aside from him....right down to not having a lot of female friends and wanting to change that. it just was so odd to be talking to this woman about this twisted up relationship ...because prior to this....the main person i talked to about it was him ( i know i know) strange strange strange....but that's what happens when you transition from lovers to friends....and not just friends but best friends........hey once again i point out that i've never done things quite the ordinary way.... lol.......smiles and hugs to all...have a great saturday!! Here's to conversations that start out uncomfortable and end up making you smile and perhaps starting you on the road to a new friendship......

dankos2069 57M

4/15/2006 7:44 am

interesting insight. must have been surreal to some degree. if it was a site as this did you ever get in to see what they were saying?

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