On the Subject of Mixed Messages  

noordinarychic2 49F
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6/9/2006 6:41 am

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6/10/2006 12:48 am

On the Subject of Mixed Messages

So this ordinary chic (oh wait I for the "not so" lol) has got to laugh at the men she attracts at times....sidebar real quick -- I got lucky on the last date....actually attracted a guy who has quite a lot going for him---but it seems according to the store gossip I have got our resident gay guy thinking about switching teams....what the hell? lol...Now granted I talk to him...hell we often will compare notes on guys that come in to the restaurant....we have the same taste in men....lol....but lately he's been way too touchy feely ....standing just a litlle too close.....rubbing my shoulders when he's behind me....and i had been wondering a bit about what was going through his head....anyway so i talked to his sister last night....seems he's got some little urges when it comes to NOC2 that are less then pure...hehe....of all the things....lol....oh well...it'll never happen....let's just say he gives "player" a new definition!! but I'll admit...he is one beautiful guy.....guess all the "hey let me feel those abs of yours" and all my silly one liners that I thought I could throw back and forth with him because after all...he's gay...it wasn't like he'd take me seriously or anything.....ooops.....lol.....he may not have but now he's wondering about what it would be like.....oh boy.....gotta luv my life!!! Hey its never dull, definitely not boring and it is Friday!!!
Luv ya all.... smiles, sunshine, hugs and all things good.....

out_for_a_ride 36M

6/9/2006 8:44 am

oh noooooooooo, lol, that's not good. maybe you should try being not so fine and fun. and i'd be excited about the weekennd too if i didn't work so friggin much. geez. good stuff though, overtime pay that is......enjoy the day, and of course, all things good!

midwestboy1972 45M
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6/9/2006 9:36 am

I think that's wonderful. Not that there's anything wrong with playing on the same team, but you must really have it going on to make a guy switch up like that! Kudos to you

fndsinva 52M

6/9/2006 4:09 pm

Uh oh. He doesn't know what team to play for.....I would be careful who you introduce him to. You won't know what he is thinking!!! Wait a second....I know a certain REMODeler that might be interested....LOL.

noordinarychic2 49F
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6/10/2006 12:48 am

fnds...i have a friend for remod....and he will adore her.... trust me...and remod...you know we luv you don't you???

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