On a Lighter Note  

noordinarychic2 49F
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7/16/2006 6:31 pm
On a Lighter Note

Have you ever seen the top fly off a car...literally peel off like the top of a tin can? Well...of course...NOC2 has that lovely visual to add to the list of things she's experienced...Now at the time I was thinking.."oh hell..let's pray!"...but looking back...it reminded me of a scene out of twister! So I was driving down the road..about 50 mph..follow a flatbed hauling three salvaged, smushed cars stacked on top of each other...I look up and the roof of the top car...peels off..the wind got up under it! so i play "race car driver" ...hit the breaks, swerve into the oncoming lane...which was empty (thank you god...your forgiven for ) lol... and watch as this roof goes bouncing down the road...never quite seen anything like it. Of course that leads to the inevitable.."what ifs"..what if i had been changing the cd? reaching down for my coffee? fooling with my phone? etc etc...what if i'd not had enough time to brake and swerve??? hmmmm....ok God I get the message...get on with life and stop moping about like a sad little puppy with no one to play with But damn...a car roof? why not a lightning bolt? or perhaps a friendly "hey noc2..its God"...but a car roof?? lol...anyway smiles and hugs all..no matter how bad the day..it could always be worse!! luvs ya...me

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