Hurting Those You Love  

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8/12/2006 11:16 am

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Hurting Those You Love

It true...that old saying that we hurt the ones we love the most the easiest. And without even trying...I always have considered myself a fairly good communicator...not anymore. Had another round of "your fault, my fault" with "m"....started out as a simple "how ya been, missed u, missed u too" and disintegrated from there. Now, looking back, perhaps this should be titled "lying...and its backlash"...because we prove the point that when you start lying to each other...and then the truth or some portion of the truth comes one trusts anyone. We read between each others lines, look for the discrepencies, nothing is taken at face value...and the end of it all...a verbal shouting match over who's hurt who, who has the worst life, who's fault it is, who can handle the most guilt and who can sling the most mud. Bottom line...lying is never a good thing...even a lie of ommission meant to protect someone. We've taken a friendship that has survived so much and both of us have done our part to destroy it....when in all honosty neither of us want to live without it...but that option...may not be available...UNLESS we can somehow get back to being able to talk and believe and trust. Wow...i don't ask much do I? smiles noc2


8/12/2006 12:24 pm

believe and trust....imagine {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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