Sparky's Farewell  

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3/7/2006 2:38 pm

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Sparky's Farewell

Strange .. haven't seen the lil' fella for years and still his passing touches me deeply. Much appreciated. I'm leaking a tad myself, but that just the love that wells up inside us in these situations.

More on the Sparky situation and how it's touched out lives...

I put a copy [of the Rainbow Bridge] in his box before I closed the carton. I had arranged him so pretty with his little yellow squeaky under his front arm. He looked like he was sleeping, and I didn't see any distress in his face. It was good. I thought Jay might want to take a peak when he got home, but he declined. It was too much for him, but he has been so supportive and caring about me. We decided to let the vet dispose of the remains as
the least painful of the processes. They have been so good over there, and a couple of his nurses started weeping, and I hugged them quick and took off.

I called our vet and told them what happened, and then when I pulled myself together I took him over to them about 3:30. I had left him in the carton back in our bedroom and closed the door for a while. Poor Boonie kept laying by the door, and it hurt too much to see this. I gave our Spark one more kiss and pat, and put the box on the little coffee table while I got my things.

I am not telling this to make you sad, but it was very interesting watching the response of our other two. I let Boonie look in and he wagged his tail and nosed Sparky, trying to get him up. Little Girl came close and paid her respects, and I closed the box. I went into get something from another room and as I left, Boonie was on my chair and Ruby was sitting on the floor looking up at the box. Both of them started growling at each other, just like they grumble over their food sometimes. I said to knock it off, and hurried to get it together and they continued to grumble at each other until I came to take the box out to the car. That was weird - almost like they were being possessive.

Both of them have been on my lap this afternoon and it is sweet.

Like all things precious and bright, we must hold onto our loved ones spirits lightly, as life is only loaned and all good loves return to the source from which they come. Seems that when they check in at their real home, the same love comes in another form to help us heal. I'm getting old and maudlin in my old age. Love does seems to be the only reason to exist, and it mellows the aging process.

Jay is home now. Time to rest. We will celebrate his birthday next weekend. Neither one of us wants much but holding each other and our young fur babies.

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