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10/22/2005 6:56 pm

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this moment...a poem thingy

In this moment I abide
it wraps me
The events cease to colide
drenched in peace
Time watches my ride

A bright white wanning moon hangs in the darker half of the sky like a child's flashlight under a blanket tent. The eastern sky is aglow with the newly risen sun, that pale electric blue that eludes photography and paint, existing only in the sky at sunrise or in the eye of memory. Pink cumulous dot the fore over a backdrop of sparse sirrus like dry-brush strokes of impossibly brilliant white on that ever elusive blue. The treeline is alive with contrast. Green brown shadow alive and breathing the slow waking breaths of the forest in the morning. The outline alight with bright green as the new sunlight shines through the leaves. Again the color of arboreal clorophyl struck with the first rays of a new sun is one that can only be lived and felt like a caress of color and time.

The first fall breeze
cool and crisp
Blows over trees trees
silent song
Whispers, hug me please

The first cool breeze saunters up to me, brazen. The memory of weeks of opressive dripping heat vanishes. I feel that visceral release at seeing a dear friend after a long parting. I am suddenly all to aware of how I have been dead to the world. My corpse going through the motions of my strange new life. Breathing the smog, surrounded by the grave of city walls, rife with the stench of angst and fear, I have slipped into the waking death of an Ordinary Man.

The moist cool air caresses my face and presses hard over my mouth. The soft cool lips of fall breath new life into my6 lungs. My chest fills as if for the first time and that first full breath quenches me, the vitality and life leaches into my blood. That perfect moment of ressusitation wraps around me like a father's strong secure arms. I am held safe and sound. Suddenly filled with knowing and wonder. I bask in the connection with all my relatioins once again, feeling whole like an antique puzzle dusted off and put together at last.

All my relations
A Ho!
I honor you
I give thanks for this day
A Ho!
I am alive again
I know

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