PINCH ME!!!!!!!!!  

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2/5/2006 8:35 pm

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PINCH ME!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter what likes and dislikes you have because that is not what this sights about? It's about fantacies. Sexual fantacies that you once had in a relationship, which to me is why relationships go bad, Relationships should have alot of sexual fantacies in it to keep it at that oh so powerful sexual force it has at the beginning of one. Below is not a fantacy that is just a down right need for some good sex. Which leaves out the most important part of a relationship to keep it alive and that not knowing what's going to happen in the bedroom tonight fantacy. If you don't have fantacy you not only cheat your partner out of a good night of sex you cheat yourself out it as well. Which then leads to bored , same old humdrum fuck. Once you feel that you can say goodbye to that OOOOOHHH used to be great sex and end up on this sight looking for the thing you had sitting right in front of you the hole time.

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2/7/2006 11:26 pm


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