People who just can  

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10/16/2005 8:17 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

People who just can

Just to keep everyone up to date my EX has been harrassing us on here, had us banned from chat room, has been posting new profiles with her pics on it, contacting men for SEX, giving out her own name, work information, and home information, then blaming me/us for posting these profiles. I will just say that it is a good thing that we contacted the Town of Woodstock Police long before it got this too far and warned them about her and her threats...We are all adults on here and the one person I feel bad for is her son, who has lost his MOM to the internet chat rooms. It has taken over her whole life...We like to look around once or twice a day, used to chat occasionally, will again as AdultFriendFinder unstands now what was going on and is reinstating our privilages, afterall we are paying GOLD members here and LOVE the "lifestyle". She is only here to cause us problems as she has a man in her life I just pray that someday soon she will let this man out of her life...Any suggestion?...

temptingtrish190 43F

11/4/2005 2:26 am

Actually you cant be banned from chat without just cause so you must have done something offensive or against the rules. But I guess my question is this why do you want the man out of her life, so she will be alone and you can go back with her? Suggestions would be to ignore her, dont go near her, dont engage her, and if my thots are correct quit doing stuff in chat to get yourself banned. Cause once again you don't get banned unless there is a reason.

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