the matinee  

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3/9/2005 12:43 am

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the matinee

Generally, I really don't mind "chick flicks", but the previews for this one looked particularly gruesome...and yet you insisted, pouting, and finally crying in your determination that patronizing this movie was the best way to spend our Sunday afternoon.

"Fine," I relent, "but go change out of those jeans and throw on that pleated mini, if we're going to go see your movie, we're gonna see it my way." I swear to god your tits bounced and I know your panties just got drenched in a single gush, as just the thought of what going to the movies "my way" must surely mean has obviously got you creaming your pants. As well it should. Your hands behind your back like an obedient little schoolgirl, you skip from the room, eyes wide, to go change.
And then I have a better idea; following you into the bedroom I stride up behind you as you wriggle out of your jeans, and crook my fingers into the hem of your T-Shirt, pulling it off of you and over your head in one fell swoop. Your jeans around your ankles, you watch in the closet door mirror as I cup your breasts through your lacy bra, pushing it up at the rear so that your erect nipples pop out of the top of it. My reflection squeezes your breasts and pinches your nipples and you moan. Darting one hand around your back I pop the catch on your bra as my other hand darts into the partway open closet and returns with your "fuck me" top, an indecently short crop top. You raise your arms obediently, and watch in a daze as I pull your bra off, and slip the small biece of fabric over you. In the mirror, you can see the bottoms of your aereoli under the hem of the material as it catches just under your rock hard nipples, which I pinch once more. The stain on your panties spreads. Stroking your stomach with one hand, I reach into the closet once more and pull out an equally indecently short skirt which I fasten around your hips with it's velcro closure. Your eyes are locked on me in the mirror as I run my hands down your legs and disentangle your jeans from your shoes. Pulling a short jacket that doesn't close all the way in the front out of the closet I place it into your numbed hands and, running my hands up the back of your legs, up under your skirt to carress your ass whisper in your ear, "Come on, we don't wanna be late for the show"
I place my hand in yours and lead you out to the car. Still in a daze you barely remember to put on the jacket as you wait for me to unlock and open the car door for you. As soon as I shift the car out of park I place my hand on your thigh, and you shudder. Your breathing is shallow, and your breasts are as firm as I have ever seen them as I glance the bottoms of them where they stick out under your top and can be clearly seen through the open front of your jacket.
I stroke further and further up your thigh, your breath ragged, and have just begun to stroke your wet panties when I pull the car to a stop. You look up, shocked and realize we're at the theater. I stroke you for a second more, your body unconciously grinding against my hand, and then swiftly open my door and exit the car. You are still sitting there with your skirt around your waist, trying to control the heaving of your almost exposed breasts when I open your door and lift you out of the vehicle.
"Come on hon," I say with an evil glint in my eye, "we don't want to be late."
Your hand in mine, I lead you to the short line in front of the box office, and then stand behind you. I can feel the wetness of the back of your skirt as I grab you by the hips and unobtrusively grind my bulge into your ass as we slowly move up in line. We reach the front of the line, and you realize, with a start, that this is your movie that we are going to go see, and I am going to make you order the tickets.
The pimply faced boxoffice boy makes no attempt to hide his leer as his eyes bulge out at your half-bare form, and he croaks out, "What show?" In a distant voice, you tell him, and I mercilessly grind into your backside as I reach around you to pay the man, making you take the tickets from his sweaty, nervous hand.
Hands still on your hips, I lead you in front of me into the theater, and it is clear that the ticket taker is glad for the podium in front of him to hide the instant cum stain in his pubescent pants. He doesn't even look at the tickets, just your luscious body, as he hands the stubs back to you, and, out of habit, goes to point the direction to our theater and quickly drops his hand back to the podium, realizing that he hasn't a clue what movie it is that we are here to see.
I move to walk beside you, and you can feel his eyes on my hand as it rubs your scarcely concealed ass and guides you. But not to the welcome dark of the theater, I want a snack.
Not trusting your voice, you shake your head as the snack bar guy asks you, in a croaking voice, if you would like something to drink. I pay the man and, popcorn and soda snuggled in one hand, lead you once more with the firm pressure of my hand stroking your ass. This time, the destination is the bathroom.
You look askance as I deposit you at the door to the ladies room. "Panties," is my only answer as I take my hand off your ass and cup it in front of me. You hesitate for a moment and I gently push you towards the door, supplying as an aside, "you wont be needing them."
I think you just came again, but breathlessly you push through the door. There is no one else in the ladies room, so you slide your soaked, useless panties off right inside the door and return to place them in my hand. I shove them in my jacket pocket and, returning my hand to your ass, start leading you to our theater.
The cool air on your hot, bare pussy, almost drives you mad, and you can feel your swollen lips squishing together and leaking their sopping juices down the insides of your thighs. I reach in front and open the door for you, striding in and guiding you into the back row of the theater. I maneauver you into the center and set the drink and popcorn on the seat to my side. You are about to sit down when you feel my hands on your shoulders, removing your jacket. The previews have already started and the theater is dark and loud as you take your seat. You look around and realize that, mercifully, none of the sparse crowd is anywhere nearby. I take my seat beside you and taking your face in my hands, lean over and pull your mouth to mine, your tits spilling out of the bottom of your scrap of a top as you twist your torso to mine. The smell of your ready sex surrounds us and I rub your exposed breasts and nipples and run my hand lightly up the inside of your thigh as our tongues dance a frenzied dance in each other's mouths.
Getting out of my seat, I maneauver in front of you, not braking our kiss and hike your top over your aching breasts. My strong hands massage your firm orbs, pinching your nipples as you moan into my mouth. I work my mouth down to your breasts, cupping and squeezing them with my hands as I pop first one, then the other nipple into my mouth, running my tongue over then nibbling and biting them. I run my hands up your thighs and around your stomach, and you shiver and let out a moan. My hand finds the edge of your velcro skirt and pulls it open, your steamy, wett smell enveloping me.
Kneeling before you, I place my hands on your ass and pull your sopping pussy to my face. My tongue darts from my mouth and I lap up the juice from your lips with long strokes, a moan escaping your lips as my hands knead your firm ass, and press your lathered sex to my face. Up and down I tongue, long lapping strokes, pressing harder and harder. I reah my hands up to pinch and rub your nipples and run lightly down your tensed stomach. I lick my tongue up and start circling you clit with it. It is fortunate that the opening credits are blaring away, because you let out quite a loud moan as I bring my hand down and fuck two fingers into your eager, gaping pussy, turning the palm of my hand up so that my curled fingers are rubbing your G-spot as my tongue flicks at your clit. It only takes moments of this treatment before you cum violently, your head thrusting back and your hands wrenching my face into your spasming pussy.
Dropping my mouth to your juicy slit once more, I eagerly clean up your cum while I place my fingers in your pouting mouth, letting you taste your juicy goodness.
Grabbing you by the hips, once more, I raise my mouth to yours and share more of your cum with you. Taking your jacket from the seat beside you, I stand up all the way and step to the side, placing the wadded up jacket on the seat back in front of you. Even in the almost nonexistent light of the back of the theater you can see the glint in my eye as I raise your almost naked form from your seat, your discarded skirt clinging momentarily to your pussy juice soaked ass before falling onto the ground.
I slide behind you and the bulge hardened denim of my jeans presses you against the seat in front of you. I gring my bulge into your ass as you can hear and feel me undoing my belt and fly against it. And then you can feel the pressure back off as the soft swoosh and jangle of my pants sliding to the floor plays its sweet music to your ears. With my left hand I run my hard cock up and down the crack of your ass as my right hand, on the back of your neck bends you over the seat in front of you. I maneauver my cock to your opening and with a slam of my hips fuck all the way inside your hungry pussy, my hips slapping against your ass with a fleshy noise and your free-hanging breasts penduling beneath you from the impact.
Without pause I slam into you again and again, fucking you hard and fast. you struggle to be quiet, but as my hands find your bounding breasts and roughly pinch your oversensitive nipples you would have surely cried out loudly had I not hurriedly covered your gasping mouth with my cupped hand. Surely the whole row of seats must be rocking from the force of my hips rocking you, your bare breasts bounce freely. Alternately putting my fingers in your mouth for you to hungrily suck and cupping that hand over your mouth to stifle your cries, my other hand roams your body, pinching your nipples, cupping your breasts, reaching down to place your hand between your legs and make it rub your throbbing clit as I continue pumping my cock into your pussy.
Our fucking takes on a frantic pace as we both near release, and my one hand becomes an iron clamp over your mouth and my other pulls on the hair at the back of your neck, forcing your head back.
With one final thrust, so forceful it lifts you off your feet, my cock spasms and fills your pussy with my hot seed. Your pussy grasps around my cock in its own waves of orgasm, as my hips hold you, off your feet, pinned against the seatback. My cock keeps pumping cum into your pussy and you can feel it begin to spill out and run down your legs. Leaning over you, I give your nipples a final tweak and nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear in praise of your performance. With one hand on your back, holding you bent over the seat, I withdraw my limping, cum covered cock from your pussy and pull my pants back up and resume my seat.
You reach down to retrieve your skirt from the floor and momentarily panic when your grasping hand can't find it. Looking around you see it held in my hand before me, and as you reach for it I push you down in your seat. With a "Hrmmph" you go and pull the scrap of cloth you jokingly call a top down, shaking with affronted dignity. Idly I pull it back up, perching it atop your gorgeous orbs once more. Annoyed you look at me hard and I nod my head at the screen, "It's only the first act.", I say, and you start to protest until my hand slides to your still needy pussy and you spread you legs with a moan, your near naked body already starting to quake again in the back of the theater.

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