The Bachlorette  

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3/9/2005 12:45 am

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The Bachlorette

Megan and I had lusted after each other for some time...from the first time we met, actually. We just had this chemistry that we were dying to explore, but there was a rub: she was engaged, to a great guy too. But still, our attraction to one another was undeniable...and smoldering. So, when her fiancee proposed that they give each other carte blanche for the nights of their respective bachlor and bachlorette parties (doubtless with the thought of doing some last minute sowing of his wild oats himself) she feigned hesitancy, but allowed herself to be persuaded, already creaming her shorts at the prospect of us having a night of consequence free sex. I was already going to be in town for the ceremony, so when she called me and asked if I would like to be her bachlorette party my response was, of course, "I thought you'd never ask."
The night arrived, my flight got into town (I had since moved away) and I caught the shuttle to the hotel, picked up the room key and barely got in the door before she was upon me. I dropped my bags by the door and we ripped off each other's clothing as we stumbled across the room in a passionate embrace. The scent of her ready sex filled the room and I'm sure that I was oozing pheromones myself as my throbbing hard on was released from my slacks. My shirt, her skirt, my pants, her tank, all of our underthings all made a trail across the room, towards the bed.
I disengaged from her for a second and pulled the mattress off of the Queen size bed nearest the door and threw it, sheets and all atop of the other bed. Snatching Megan back up I threw her down on this overtall bed. The need was plain in both of our eyes and, by simultaneous assent, foreplay became something that would happen later.
Pulling her by ankles and then thighs and hips I slid her down the bed until her butt was on the edge of it with her legs spread, pointed up in the air. I planted my thick cock at her soaked opening and slid all the way inside her with one deep stroke that made us both moan. Grabbing onto her thighs I just started slamming into her with all of the force I could muster. She arched her back and closed her eyes and started moaning in a never stopping stream, rubbing her clit and nipples and riding the bed as the double mattress rebounded perfectly from my strokes, redoubling them. I bent her left knee and started sucking on her toes, whirling my tongue around the whorls of first one toe and then the nex, massaging the ball of her foot and slamming into her with animal ferocity, her moans growing louder as I slurped at her toes. I could tell she was close and then with a shudder I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock like a vise, spasming as her body writhed uncontrollably on the bed. It felt so good. I just kept pumping, and she kept on cumming, wave after wave I could feel as her pussy contracted again and again around my dick. I could feel my balls tensing and my own oggasm creeping up the back of my thighs, into my butt and, with a groan, I shot. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum, squirting into her pussy as her squeezing pussy milked me dry. She reached down and took my hand and pulled me on top of her onto the bed and we both scootched up it.
"I wanna taste you." she said.
"Only if I get to taste you.", was my response.
I rolled over on the bed and she rolled on top of me, and quickly circled around, her knees on either side of my head and her elbows by my hips. With one hand she started stroking my cock back to life as she spread her knees and lowered her dripping pussy onto my face. I brought my hands up and rubbed her clit while I worked my tongue into her snatch, licking up all of her juice and my cum. She made smacking noises as I pumped my hips into her mouth and started moaning around my cock as she ground her hips onto my face. Her tongue darted out and down my shaft, licking up all of the cum and juice pooled there at the base of it, and I buried my face in her pussy as I ground her clit in circles with the palm of my hand and probed my juice slickened finger into her ass.
As I reached full hardness once more I put both hands on her ass and started pushing her down my body. She scurried on hands and knees and then sat up, poised above my cock, gripped it in both hands like a sword and impaled herself upon it, taking it all the way in one downward thrust. We both gasped, she ground on me for a little bit and then started riding me slowly. I pumped up into her in rhythm and looked down and watched her ass sliding up and down slowly, methodically on my cock. I sat up, bringing my firm chest in contact with her smooth back, reaching around to rub and pinch her nipples as I started to suck upon her neck. Reaching an arm around her stomach, I lay back down, and pulled her down with me, and brought my feet up on the bed so I could rock my hips up into her while her ass writhed on my stomach. Her head lay back on the pillow beside me and she turned to me and we started kissing with a passion as I slowly built up the speed of my thrusting, rubbing circles around her clit and nipples at the same pace. I sped up even more, her body rocking on top of mine, our mouths disengaged for a second and her eyes met mine and, with a grunt, I gave an extra deep thrust which she rewarded with a moan as a look of intense pleasure suffused her face. I continued with the deep thrusts, putting all my energy into rocking her body with the depth achieved, going faster, rubbing on her nipples and clit. Her hand came up and began to stroke my face and we started kissing again, deep kisses, eating each other up. Faster and as deep as I could get, she was getting close, so close, and I kept the pace exactly where it was, holding her right on the edge, writhing on the verge of cumming. I could feel my own orgasm building and just when I was almost there I went faster still.
Waves of orgasm ripped through our merged body, my hot seed spurting again and again into her grasping cunt. I kept thrusting, keeping the incredible feeling going until I was well and truly spent. She started kissing me some more and as I limped up and slid out of her she moved as if to roll over, but I stopped her with a firm hand on her hip: Just because I was done for a little bit didn't mean she was done.
Slowly I rubbed around her clit, feeling the rubbing in her tongue in her mouth and her hand on the side of my face. I brought my other hand down around and started rubbing up and down on her cum slickened slit and her moaning began anew...
I suppose I could relate the rest of the story: How I kept her there writhing in orgasm after orgasm on my stomach for at least an hour. How I then lifted her up off the bed and led her by the hand to the shower where she wrapped a leg around me and we fucked standing up and then she put her hands against the shower wall, bent over and I fucked her from behind while the hot water splashed over us. How I then lifted her onto the bathroom counter and trimmed and licked her pussy before she wrapped her legs around me and fucked some more. How we then took a break and she went and layed on the bed, legs spread and I just came and rested my cock inside her, giving her the occasional little grind and flick to remind her of my presense while we just chatted and idly played with each others bodies. How we then fucked each other to sleep where I lay inside her until she was awakened by my morning wood and I was awakened to her riding on it. How we then fucked and fucked some more, culminating in another unbelievable shower fuck before I had to go pick up my date for the wedding and she had to return to her own hotel room to get into her gown. But, if I had gone into all of this in detail this would be a novel and not a story...perhaps I'll relate other little parts of our evening together from time to time.
But...Anyway: I went and picked up my date from the airport (it had been fortuitous that she hadn't been able to come earlier than this morning, for once business "to dos" playing into my favor), took her back to the room to get freshened up (thankfully a maid had been by to "freshen up the room"...don't know how she got the smell of sex outta the place), her and I ended up giving the room a thorough thrashing...including more shower fucking, even though we knew we were already gonna be late. Hurriedly dressed. Arrived at the ceremony just in time. (these things never start on time)
The ceremony was beautiful. Jody (my date) cried. I must admit I got a little misty towards the end there myself, but the whole thing came off without a hitch and we all moved over to the reception hall where a party the envy of Baccus broke out: Garter toss (ducked that one, thank God), flower toss, and then came the traditional first dance...followed by the father of the bride dancing with the bride (I am just twisted enough of a puppy to have danced with her mother for this one) more dances with Jody, until I finally got my chance to have the bride all to myself:

As I claimed my dance with the bride I could feel her body shudder when I stoked my hand gently along the small of her back, and she made a little moan that I knew was accompanied by the drenching of her panties. And yeah, I did envy the groom his wedding night...but only a little.

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