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3/9/2005 12:47 am

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My shirt

For once, you've managed to awaken before and refrained from waking me in the best way I can hear the vacuum from the other room and can't help but think how that energy could be being put to better use. Shaking off the cobwebs I silently pad to the half-closed door and down the hall, and oh what a sight to behold: You are vacuuming alright, but you didn't take the time to move assorted things off of the floor before you started. You have decided to clothe yourself in my castoff dress shirt, snagged off the floor from the night before. Your back is to me, and when you bend over to pick up this and that your bare white ass poking out from under my shirt drives me to distraction.
My morning wood becomes real wood and I stand naked in the doorway, giving you a silent salute with my flagpole trembling in the slight breeze. I'm sorry baby, but I'm not a patient man; especially where making love to you is concerned. Spying you coming up on a small stack of magazines which you must surely bend over to retrieve I stalk up behind you on cat's feet, and when you bring your torso horizontal, I launch my strike.
You react as if shot as I slam myself all the way inside you, your pussy already wett from the whiffs of my cologne I had seen you taking from the collar of my shirt. I turn you 90 degrees and rest your waist on the couch, pressing myself all the way inside you and flicking my cock with deft flicks as you moan. Reaching around, I unbutton the shirt and start massaging your gorgeous breasts, pinching the nipples to hardness as you moan and become even wetter around my flicking cock.
"Fuck me.", you moan pleadingly and I begin to move inside you. Slow, long strokes, coming almost all the way out to part your lips with my bulbous head as I slowly knead your breasts in time. Reaching out I capture your hands and replace mine with them on your breasts and move my own hands to your hips and pick up the pace, rocking your body as I slam into you again and again.
Your moans become mews and whimpers of pleasure and I stick a couple of fingers in your mouth, letting your tongue wet then before I snake that hand between you and the couch and unerringly find your clit. Your head, once more comes up with a start and your back arches as I pound into you from behind. I run a hand up the inside of your thigh, scooping up your juice which had almost reached your knees and placing these fingers in your mouth for you to suck on.
You moan loudly past my fingers and your pussy quivers in release, spasming around my hard cock. I pump harder into your pussy, as the waves wash over you and as they subside pull out. You moan a loud protest, but I reach down and swiftly spin you around and shove my tongue into your mouth, my firm chest pressed up against your hard nipples and heaving bosom.
We kiss with a passion as I run my hands lightly down your back and caress and knead your ass and my hard, juice slickened cock throbs against your small patch. Running my hand down the back of your thigh, I bring it up to wrap around me and teasingly rub my cock up and down against your slick entrance as you moan into my mouth and our tongues duel. I lean into you and my cock returns to its home and you perch on the back of the couch, now wrapping both of your legs around me. Leaning in and out I resume the plumbing of the depths of your pussy and your arms stretch on either side of my neck as we continue our deep kissing. I bring both of my hands under your ass and you wrap your legs tighter as I lift you efortlessly from your perch and carry you to the bedroom, grinding deep inside you.
I hold you tight and leap onto the bed with you, eliciting a gasp as our landing shoves me deep inside you. I lift myself up on my hands and set out to finish what we've started, attacking your pussy with a fervor previously unmatched, going for broke. Your moans and my grunts grow in intensity and we both know that we are both close. I slam my hips into you and we explode as one, my hot cum flooding into your gasping pussy. Your lips find mine and we devour each other as I spend myself inside you and lie there panting.
As I start to go limp inside you our kisses become lighter and we play with each other's bodies and gaze deep into each other's eyes, languidly making out, your legs still wrapped around me.

And then your eyes go wide as you feel me stirring inside you once more...

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