Brothel Airlines  

nm_bob 58M
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9/10/2006 7:57 am
Brothel Airlines

Changes in the environment create challenges for existing, already adapted organisms, but opportunities for new orgamisms. Airline deregulation created the opportunity for low cost carriers such as Southwest, EasyJet, Go, and others. The change in security status post 9/11 and now with the recent London plane bombing scare creates another opportunity. For a while, passengers leaving the UK for the US were not allowed to bring ANYTHING on the plane, not even a book or magazine to read. I quipped that with rules like that, they would have to start handing out condoms because there was nothing else to do for a long 7-10 hour flight. THen it hit me - a new opportunity!
Tired of long security lines and hassles? Fly Brothel Airlines! (We'll have to come up with a sister airline for the ladies). Brothel Airlines features NO carry on luggage. As a result, we offer our own express security line. Tired of long boring flights in a cramped seat with nothing to do? Well, have we got the solution for you. Each passenger gets a private cubicle with a full-size fold-out bed and personalized one on one service for the entire flight from one of our beautiful attendants.
Once upon a time some of our "dry" states tried to enforce their no alcohol policies on airplanes while they were in the airspace of the states. In the US, the FAA ruled that the states do not have jurisdiction. Prostitution is legal in some US states and I have no idea what the rules might be in international waters. Could be an interesting proposition to get an explicitly Prostitution oriented airline "up" and running.
So you check everything in at check-in. Maybe even disrobe to wear airline issued robes. Maybe take a quick blood test. Then zip through security and on to the airplane. After take-off, your personal attendant joins you for the rest of the flight. At the end, you will either be wishing the flight were even longer, or completely exhausted.
Whether the airline is a go or not, I want to raise some venture capital for it. In the interest of quality assurance, I think I will have to run the HR department and conduct the flight attendant interviews and qualification screenings.
Ah, male fanatasies run amok.
And remember, you read it here first folks - Brothel Airlines, putting the "up" in "up and flying".

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