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4/19/2006 5:07 pm

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Cum deep! Cum hard!
You scream out right,
Push in! Pull out!
Bring her pussy delight!

Nice tits, nice ass,
Cross my mind,
Deeper, harder, faster,
Don't be so kind.

Lustful eyes
Wanting lips,
Don't stop! Don't stop!
As she pushes with her hips.

Her lips she pout,
Mouth wide and round,
I imagine my cock enter in,
And she makes gagging sound.

Thrust deep, thrust rough,
"Fuck me more!" she screams,
Push deep, hold long,
I want to make her cream.

Her eyes roll back,
Her lips get dry,
One orgasm reached,
Yet I barely try.

Turn around I make her,
Doggy style I fuck,
Must remember to end it,
With her deep in suck.

Pull hips, slap ass,
Fondle tits, pull hair,
She screams in pain,
Excitment lessens care.

Delight takes over,
Her body orgasms galore,
I fuck her so right,
She will be oh so sore.

Cum builds within,
My cocks want to explode,
In your mouth
I want you to suck my load!

She turns in sight,
Of my cock she want,
I drench her face,
Just like it was her cunt.

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