I know how it feels...  

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7/23/2005 11:19 pm

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I know how it feels...

Sometimes in life we are judged by
how we appear outwardly

not given a chance,

Once apon a time, when I was young,
my best friend says ta me...

**"Hey your like that X-man, Nightcrawler,
You look like a demon outside,
but you got the good guy thing goin' inside"**

(thanks Bud, da name stuck)

Yeah, OK, I look like a Devil...
piercing eyes,
pointy ears, (peep da photo _ giggle-snort)
and long gaunt features;

...but within me lives
the soul of an Angel

Dig deeper
Talk to me
look in my eyes
Take my hand
you'll be surprised.

I recently began the dating thang,
I posted my picture
pumped out a profile -

-and was shocked at how quickly I was passed over by the fair maidens of the world,
not even given a second glance.

Do you?
Have you?
Could you?

understand or know
how it is

to BE love
yet not feel LOVE.

feel free to post
mein freund.

----The Nightcrawler

nitecrawler66 51M
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7/27/2005 4:45 am

sartor resartus
Thank you.
*smile* -Nitey

... by the way what does *vbs* mean?

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