Hot fun in the summertime  

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6/8/2006 6:49 am

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7/29/2006 2:01 pm

Hot fun in the summertime

I mentioned my lover Claudio to a few people and reading this blog you will hear his name mentioned here and there, as he's always getting me involved in sticky situations, like I needed any help!
I met him at a dinner t my family house in the south of France, he's a business acquaintance of my father, I was around 25 years old at the time and he was in his forties then, one of those italian business men always elegant and well dressed, clean and charming and married!
At dinner my daddy always sits at the top of the table, with me sitting on his left and my brother on his right, Claudio sat just beside me and imagine my surprise when I felt his hand slowly traveling up my leg, while he's talking to daddy about the stock exchange, I just sat still, trying to eat my entree like northing's happening, he gets to my inner thigh and with the tips of his fingers touches my pussy, I'm not wearing any panties, I can see he's surprise as his fingers stop, I turn around smile at him and open my legs a little, he goes back to talk to my father while with his fingers finds my clit and starts rubbing it, I open my legs even more and he starts rubbing me a little bit faster, once in a while slipping his fingers inside me, my cunt is wet, my clit hard like a little cock, I adjust myself on the chair and spread my legs even further, his fingers inside my dripping hole ... my breathing is getting faster but I try to keep eating; my father,with a concern look on his face, asks me "Nikky, you are strangely quiet this evening, are you sure you're well?".
Finally I can't take it anymore, I excuse myself, smile at Claudio and go to my room on the first floor to finish myself off with a vibrator.
By the time i'm done all the guests are in the garden, I look around trying to find Claudio ... I walk around the garden chit chatting with people till finally I see him, by the side of the pool a drink in his hands his eyes on me, I go towards him he smiles and says "do you want to get out of here?" " Sure" I reply.
We get into his car, he starts driving and then he reaches over and starts playing with my breasts, he says to me "Take your clothes off", I slip my dress off and I'm totally naked sitting beside him "You have a beautiful body" he tells me " Thank u" I reply, he caresses me for a while then I lean over, unzip his trousers take his cock in my hand and start sucking on it, I'm crouched down, he passes his hand over me, reaching my asshole and inserting a finger, there's a little resistance at first then my hole relaxes and his finger slips inside, this makes me even more eager and I lick and suck his cock with even more passion, his cock tastes so good, I'm sucking all the pre-come into my mouth, sucking on the head then taking it all in, then sucking all the way up ... he's moaning now, telling me "Yes, suck it hard, make me come, your hole is so tight, you like those fingers up there, don't you little whore", I suck harder now still pushing against his fingers in my asshole, finally I can feel he's close to coming, I suck and wank his cock harder and he moans louder till he comes all over my face and open mouth, then he leans over and gives me a little kiss. He parks the car on a side road and starts rubbing my pussy, sticking his fingers inside me, I love it and move my hips in rhythm with his fingers ... I'm close to coming now, he stops and tells me to get out the car and lie down on the bonnet, I do as he says he is in front of me, he spreads my legs wide open and pushes them back, my pussy and asshole exposed " Look at you, little slut ... you want to be fucked hard don't you ... fucking slut" him calling me names really turns me on, he rubs my cunt for a little longer then sucks on it, his erect cock glistening, I so want it inside me! My wish comes true as he pushes his cock inside me dripping wet pussy, I start pumping hard against it, wanting it deeper, faster, I can feel his balls against my bum, as he rams his hard cock in and out of my soaking cunt ... we are both moaning loud, our scream dispersing through the hot night air ... finally we come together, he takes his cock out and spurts his come all over my belly and pussy ... we get dressed and start driving back to the party.
My mother finds me and asks "Nikky, do you feel better darling?"
"Yes, mother"I reply" Much better thank you!"
"My little Nikky" she chimes talking to Claudio "Isn't she an angel?"
He and I just look at each other and smiling.

IrishKev 41M
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6/8/2006 12:03 pm

hot hot hot!

rm_hotbod4u694 54M
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6/29/2006 2:20 pm

Hiya nikky

jesus my cocks so hard and erect now nikky you sure sound like one horny lady

cooterlicker6 65M

7/4/2006 9:18 pm

Oh gosh. My cock is so hard that a cat could not scratch it. Just imagining that was me fucking you on the car. That was such an arousing story.

The primary photo in your profile is so hot. Your pussy is very beautiful and looks tasty.

rm_igiveitago 42M
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7/7/2006 5:26 am

Nikky - another great story, keep them coming please!

rm_Knifelicker 39M
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7/13/2006 4:46 pm

Ha ha ha. This blog is hilarious

Like the porno-lit though. It's sexy.

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