Rain, Rain,  

nikkitgirlm 48T
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5/19/2006 3:29 pm

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5/21/2006 12:38 pm

Rain, Rain,

Go Away, because Im just tired of it. Im in need of a bikini line and laying out is what Im missing. Is it just another reason to leave Cleveland? We shall see. Ive been getting some better responses recently, at least more interesting. I am filling up my network invite (hold) list now though. Ive decide no longer to let in those with no pic. I kinda just got to the point of dismay as to why I would. I put them out there for download and I realize Im putting them on the expansive net. Ultimately, I take the risk in a desire to be upfront and a bit open. I hope to see others doing the same.
Anyway, guess Ill just run off to the tanning bed fo a bit. Till later.
PS any ideas on fetish photographers or professional ones? Maybe I out to try to get a TGirl fashion show going.hmm

hungrey4you23 56M
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5/20/2006 9:52 pm

move to california..no rain..sunshine to get that tan and me..wow what id like to do with you...your a t girl but from where i sit the accent is on girl!!!!

nikkitgirlm replies on 5/21/2006 8:13 am:
Thank you, You definitely are getting my award for compliment of the day. Yes, I keep saying California would be the place

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