No more failures?  

nightstogether 58M
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7/21/2005 1:39 am

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No more failures?

A (very) small group of British teachers is proposing a change to the English language. They feel that it is wrong to tell a child they have failed a test - even when the grade is so miserable that it wasn't worth getting up that morning. They feel that telling a child they have not passed the test is bad for their morale; that it doesn't inspire the child to try harder next time or to learn more in preparation for a test.

Instead they believe that children who have (failed) not quite managed to pass a test, regardless of the margin of (failure) not passing, should be told that their grade represents a 'deferred success'.

How long this success is deferred hasn't yet been decided.

So, now we have to lie to our children in educational results too? What happens when they come onto the job market and cannot be told that they haven't got the job they've applied for because they had too many deferred successes in school? Or because their end grades have been deferred and that F (or 6, depending on where you come from) is only a temporary note - marked in pencil, of course, so that it can be removed when the deferred success becomes a pass - which will miraculously vanish in time.

Personally, I believe this is a (very) small group of teachers suffering from deferred thinking.

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papyrina 52F
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7/21/2005 6:10 am

i laughed when i read this on yahoo,what is the world coming too,first sports day were stopped as someone had to win and someone had to lose and they didn't think it was fair that they couldn't all win,todays generation will all be mental basket cases by the time they reach 25 as once there in the job market they will hear the word,sorry your no good,oops you failed and the NO you cannot have it

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cajunpet 71M
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7/21/2005 6:28 am

I deferred my thoughts.

I America many school boards are lowering the standards for each grade, so more children l will not be able to read and write after graduation of high school.

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ExploreMore4Me 60F

7/21/2005 8:35 am

And the sad thing is...They'll graduate! Ya know, I don't think there's many of us here that seem to be suffering from being once told in our young impressionable lives that we are either going to fail, or have failed, do you? PC has gone too far! What's next? Don't answer that, I don't really want to know the answer!


GleesFlakyShawl 51M
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7/21/2005 3:19 pm

deferred thinking or no thinking at all?

doesnt it sound a lil bit like Dr. Spock's theories in the 60s? no limits for kids....

starlight_runner 40F

7/22/2005 9:24 am

See my comment on mi's blog.I stand by it.This has gone too far.


nightstogether 58M

7/24/2005 2:56 am

The sad thing is that they won't graduate, simply because, as they've not failed, no one is going to help them to pass! I've written about a case of a German kindergarten elsewhere; here it is similar, the children will not be helped as thery need to be, will not graduate, and will remain on the lowest level of the job market - if they ever get into it - for the rest of their lives.

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